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MCE Global Conference 2022

MCE Global Conference 2022: Agility in Education

The global disruption, and subsequent recovery, from the COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments, educators, and the education business at large to rethink the delivery of teaching and learning in schools and sustain education. Living in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World has made learning with agility more crucial than ever.

Agility in Education: To Thrive in a VUCA World is the theme for our MCE Global Conference 2022. In the conference, we will discuss the different aspects of agility in education: Mental, People, Change, Results Agility, and Self-Awareness, and how to incorporate them in the education system to ensure resilience, flexibility and nurture the joy of learning. Being agile encourages the educator and learner to have an open mindset by learning from experience and performing better in new situations – which helps put the learner’s 21st century skills into practice.

As part of the conference programme, participants can expect to experience MCE’s full suite of education solutions, which include print and digital learning content, and professional development programmes. Join us in our global conference, and we will take you through a simple and joyful journey in teaching and learning to achieve a successful learning outcome.

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