Applied Learning Programme

As a leading provider of distinctive K-12 educational solutions in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education integrates research driven educational approaches with innovative technology to facilitate students’ learning and teachers’ professional development.

Marshall Cavendish Education has deployed Residential Trainers to over 100 primary and secondary schools in Singapore since 2006. Over the past 13 years, Marshall Cavendish Education Residential Trainers support schools in building an active culture deploying e-learning and effectiveness use of ICT. Working with Heads of Departments and Subject Heads, our Marshall Cavendish Education Residential Trainers are qualified to conceptualise and design customised ICT courses set by the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Our Applied Learning Programme prepare the learners for the future. Each programme strengthens the learner’s capabilities and prepare them for the real world. Our programme caters for a range of interests from coding, life science to STEM, digital literacy and art & asthetics. Each programme encourages creativity, promotes exploration and problem-solving.

Our Products

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