Coding is a basic literacy skill, where instructions are taken and translated into a language that the computer understands. In today’s digital age, coding is an important skillset to attain in order to thrive in tomorrow’s economy. MCE Coding Lab provides a structured program, starting from Rookie Coders 1 to 3, to Junior Coders 1 to 3 before progressing to Senior Coders 4 to 6. The well-designed curriculum offers learners the chance to collaborate with others to solve complex problems and make decisions based on computational thinking. Through this, learners will develop effective communication skills and gain an avenue to showcase their creativity.

MCE Coding Lab

MCE Coding Lab offers game design and development programmes through a project-based approach. Game design encourages young learners to work in teams and reinforces problem solving skills. Learners can adopt a hands-on approach with technology, manipulating and tweaking it to their liking and in the process, gain a better understanding of how to analyse systems. The user- centered philosophy of game design also allows learners to gain different perspectives as they put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

RookieCoders 1 to 3

Block-based Programming

Engaging content to teach basic programming principles
Age appropriate activities

JuniorCoders 1 to 3

Text-based Programming

Reinforce learning with spaced repetition
Basic programming principles

SeniorCoders 4 to 6

Text-based Programming

Microsoft Power BI
Deepen learning
Based on real world problems