Transform Your Classroom into a Universe of Scientific Discoveries

Integrating biotechnology exploration into STEAM learning, LabX Junior is our latest 12-month STEAM programme tailored for children aged 4 – 6. Combining comprehensive, expert-led curriculum with our team of experienced trainers, LabX Junior empowers young children to make great science discoveries in a safe environment.

Experts-led Biotech Steam Curriculum

In partnership with biotech education experts 42Lab, LabX Junior offers a unique perspective into STEAM education as students are encouraged to solve real-world problems through hands-on biotechnology exploration.

Nurturing a Generation of Young Scientists

Through the lenses of Biotech, LabX Junior provides authentic learning experiences aimed at inspiring children to think and act like scientists.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, observe, gather evidences and drawing conclusions during the programme. This empowers young children to become creative, critical thinkers and better problem solvers, which are essential 21st century competencies.

Safe, Highly Adaptable & Accessible to All

Traditionally, high equipment costs and complex experiment processes have kept schools from introducing biotechnology education in classes. With this new programme, your students now can engage in fun science experiments using our affordable, portable and child-friendly laboratory kits, LabX Junior.

With a comprehensive set of 30 project modules for Nursery to K2, the LabX Junior programme can be easily adapted to your school needs. It can be offered as a standalone course or easily integrated into your existing preschool curriculum.

Comprehensive Learning and Teaching Resources

Conduct 120 experiments with our all-in-one kit packed with child-friendly and non-breakable science apparatus.

Teacher’s Guides

Simple and clear lesson instructions provide guidance to teachers during lesson planning and classroom delivery.

Experiment Worksheets

Children are encouraged to hypothesize and predict outcomes and record their observations after each experiment.

N2 Programme Outline


Observe & Measure

Heavy or Light?

Measure the Size

Sink of Float

Close Your Eye and Tell

Physical Change

A Disappearing Act

Hop Onto The Balloon!

Gooey Ball

Bloom Before Your Eyes


Science of Colors

Climbing Rainbow

Can You Find the Invisible Colours?

Colour wheel, but in water form!

Blobbing Colours Defy Gravity

World Around Us

Make Your Little Rain Cloud!

Bumble Along

Tiny Tornado Time!

Fun-sized Volcano


DIY Balloon Pump

Make Your Own Colourful pH Meter

Mystery Matter

Different Solutions, Different Outcomes!


Personal Hygiene

Glitter Germs

Battling Bacteria!

Squeaky Clean teeth

Put it in a Fridge

My Body

Look! It’s My Body!

Living, Breathing Air Bags

It’s Your Stomach’s Turn to Chew!

Our Helmet Inside our Head


Science of Animals

Walking on Water

Swim, Little Jellyfish!

Keeping Your Cool in The Cold

Breathe Little Nemo

Our Environment

Little Recyclers

Yes, You Can Eat Your Homemade Bottle

Water Pollution

From Soil to Living Things


Junior Engineer

Three, Two, One- Blast Off!

Spinning Wheel

Hovering UFO

Water To Energy

K1 Programme Outline


Matter Around Us

What is Matter?

Where did that Gas Come From?

Gooey Fun

2 is better than 1

Invisible Forces Around Us

Electromagnetic Nail

DIY Compass Static, Moment & More!

DIY Tops


The Wonders of Paper

Absorption Competition!

Rainbow Walking

Rainbow Rose

Hidden Colours

Chemical Reactions

What A Reaction!

Clear to Chalky

Lemon Volcano

Traffic Light Reaction


Our Wonderful Body

Breathe In and Out

What Happened To My Taste?

Watch that Blind Spot!

No Two are the Same

Personal Hygiene

Oh My Germs!

Bread and Mould

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Say Bye to Coke?


Life on Earth

Beautiful Earth

Unique Tree Barks

The Art of Camouflage

Rain Rain Go Away

Save our Seas

Stacking Liquids!

DIY Lava Lamp

Salty Ocean

Cleaning Up Our Oily Mess

Growing our Veggiest

Green Bean Farmer

Veggie Propagation

Bookmark From Nature



Force & Motion

Magic or Electricity?

DIY Mighty Beans

Air Ball Floater

Blast Off

K2 Programme Outline


Science of Matter

3 States of Matter: Solid, Liquid or Gas?

Change of State

OOBLECK: Non-Newtonian Fluid

Water Cycle



Does it dissolve?

Science of Density

Light and Shadows

Why boats stay on water?

Reactions & Its Wonders

Wonders of a Volcano

Soil Fun

Carbon Dioxide

Tornado in a Jar


Bacteria & Viruses Around Us

Edible Bacteria

Oh No! Don’t Spread Your Germs

Germ Family

Virus vs Bacteria

Human Anatomy

My Body Anatomy

My Brain

Mighty Heart

I Can Breathe


Biology of Life

Unit of Life

Anatomy of a Plant

Human Blood

Our Genes

Transport System in Nature

Science of Sink or Float

Plant Transport System

Transport in Different Medium

Where does my food go?

Diversity in Nature

Exploring Coral Reefs


Beaks and Bird Food

How is the weather?

Science of Recycling

Edible Water Containers

Solar Oven


DIY Biofuel


Aerospace Science

How to make a paper fly?

Hovering in the middle of the sky

Fly me to the Moon

Land safely from the sky