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MC eBooks

Marshall Cavendish Education is continuously enhancing our educational solutions to meet different teaching and learning needs.

Our range of specially selected eBook titles enable students to access a wealth of information from MCEduHub and extend their learning beyond the classroom easily!

How to access MC eBooks

  1. Request for an access code on MCEduHub and click on ‘I need an Access Code’. Fill up the registration form accordingly
  2. Once you have received the access code, click on ‘I have an Access Code’
  3. Screenshot: I have an Access code

  4. Key in the access code into the popup that will appear
  5. Screenshot: Enter Access code

  6. Once registration is successful, you will be redirected to the login page
  7. Screenshot: Access code validated

  8. Login with your username and password. You will be able to find the e-books under “My Library”
  9. Screenshot: Login

List of titles available


  1. How do I request for access to MC eBook?
    • Request for the pre-order forms provided by your distributors and fill up the request accordingly.
    • Fill up the registration form by clicking on the “I need an access code” button on MCEduHub and fill up the registration form accordingly.

  2. What are the recommended Internet browsers for MCEduHub?
  3. MCEduHub is best viewed on Chrome 83 version. We do not encourage the use of MCEduHub on Internet Explorer and Edge.

  4. What is the expiry date for the MC eBook?
  5. The expiry date is 12 months upon activation.

  6. Who can I contact for technical assistance on MC eBook?
  7. You may contact us at for assistance.