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15th Annual Mathlympics Competition 2022
(Pakistan Only)

The Mathlympics Competition is a highly esteemed and prestigious Math Olympiad competition that has been held in Singapore and organised by Learners’ Connections for the past 14 years with more than 40,000 Singapore students participating. In its 15th year, Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) will be taking this competition international and will be held in multiple countries such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, China, Philippines and Singapore.

Scope of Competition

  • Arithmetic
    Operations on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio
  • Number Theory
    Divisibility, prime numbers, exponential numbers, number patterns and sequence
  • Combinatorics
    Finding the largest, smallest or optimal number of objects satisfying criteria, deciding when the criteria can be met
  • Logic
    Inferring relationships between objects given a set of clues
  • Geometry
    Size, shape, angles, symmetry and position of figures, spatial visualisation
  • Measurement
    The magnitude of some attribute of an object in standard measurements
  • Algebra
    Rules governing mathematical expressions and equations

Competition Details

Competition Details


Grades 5 - 8


  • Now - 14 April: Registration for Competition + Collection of Competition Charges
  • 12 May: Preliminary Round
  • 5 July: Final Round

Competition Charges

RS 950 / student

Payment for registered participants to close on 14 April 2022.

Registration for Competition

Register Here for Competition

Please contact NEST at +92 324 884 8088 for any further enquiries.


To be announced at a later date. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. All information shared to us will follow Marshall Cavendish Education's data protection and privacy
  2. Winners will be informed via email or other communication platforms, depending on the information given.
  3. Winners will be selected based on the results of the A.I. and results are final.
  4. All entries are sent at the risk of the Contestant and in the event that there are technical difficulties experienced arising out of the internet or from any associated equipment or from any associated equipment or internet security is compromised, the Organiser may at its sole and absolute discretion disqualify the entire entry and shall not accept any liability doing so.
  5. The Prize is as stated and is non-transferable and not-for-sale. No cash alternatives will be offered. If due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control, the Organiser is unable to provide the stated Prize or any part thereof, the Organiser reserves the right to substitute the prize with an item of equal or greater value, to be determined at the Organisers’ sole discretion.
  6. Late submission will be automatically void.


About Mathlympics

Mathlympics is an original idea that was constituted from the Olympics whereby athletes compete against each other, yet cultivate sportsmanship across the globe. The first Maths Olympiad in Singapore allowed the use of scientific calculators back in 2008 as it aims to reduce the assessment of mechanical calculation skills, and emphasise on measuring analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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