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Grades: 1 – 6 Ages: 7 – 12

 Drawing from extensive research and feedback, this world-class programme is widely adopted and highly popular amongst teachers and pupils.

To hone pupils’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills, concepts are arranged and unfolded systematically using a structured approach that progresses with pupils’ cognitive levels. Abundant resources are provided to support the differentiated pathways and facilitate effective assessments for users of different needs.

Promote Deep Understanding through Structured Approaches

A structured and sound pedagogy accompanied with hands-on and collaborative activities, allows pupils to learn well and develop skills necessary for problem-solving. Through progressive approaches that builds upon what pupils have learnt previously before introducing the same topic in greater depth, pupils are able to bridge the learning between the different concepts learnt and transit with ease.

The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach

Teachers can employ this ubiquitous teaching strategy embedded in the series to guide pupils to construct meaning and understanding so as to uncover abstract mathematical concepts. Starting with an anchor task, teachers can follow up with providing scaffolding and feedback to help pupils develop fluency to transit between the various stages, gain confidence and become proficient in operating within a symbolic environment.

The Spiral approach

Used concurrently with the C-P-A approach, the Spiral approach refers to new content being revisited in greater depth at higher levels. This allows pupils to build outward on prior knowledge and develop their understanding of each concept in depth, and learn the content well for application at advanced levels.


Hone Problem-solving Skills

Pupils hone their problem-solving skills through individual and collaborative practices. As they work through mock problems, they learn how they can apply the same problem-solving strategies to real-world problems.

Caters to Different Learning Needs

When pupils enjoy their Mathematics lessons, they are more motivated to learn. Vast resources designated at appropriate junctures can reinforce knowledge and help pupils excel in the subject.

Facilitates Effective Assessment

As pupils progress in learning Mathematics, they will have to master challenging mathematical topics and undergo formal assessments. Teachers can help pupils consolidate and strengthen their understanding while carrying out effective assessments using the wide array of tools available.


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My Pals are Here! Maths Tests is written to provide pupils with the practice needed to excel in Maths. The tests have been designed based on the contents of the highly successful My Pals are Here! Maths series.
Each test covers 2 to 3 topics in the Pupil’s Book. Pupils are tested on their understanding of the mathematical concepts and skills in these topics. After every 2 tests, there are Continual Assessment papers and Semestral Assessment papers which are designed to aid pupils in their preparation for the Continual and Semestral Assessments in school.
A section on Challenging Problems has also been added to develop pupils’ problem-solving skills. The questions here, though well within the syllabus requirements for the level, are challenging and non-routine.
Key Features * Provides ample practice and exposure to examination-like questions * Challenging problems included after every 2 tests develop pupils’ problem-solving skills * Exercises provide focused opportunities for assessment and evaluation of learning * Develops problem-solving skills involving the use of different heuristics * Prepares pupils for Continual and Semestral Asessments
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Author: Zalina A. Jalil

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