LOVE 97.2FM OH YAY! 江给莉! Radio Interview

 08 Jan 2019
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In our recent radio interview with LOVE 97.2FM OH YAY! 江给莉! on 4 January 2019, Ms Lim Geok Leng, General Manager and Publisher (Asian Languages) shared with listeners key findings in our survey with 655 parents, including how Chinese is the worst subject for all students. This online parent survey aims to find out parents’ perception of their child’s development and how they support their child academically.

Ms Lim shared how parents can help their child in Chinese through reading books and newspapers and added that examinations should not be the end goal of learning Chinese. She also shared some of the materials from MCE that parents could use to help coach their children in Chinese.

Click here to listen to the complete radio interview segment. 

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