Marshall Cavendish Education Powering English Writing Skills with AI Writing Platform

 13 Sep 2019
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Singapore, 13 September 2019 – Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) signed a global distribution agreement with Literatu, an award-winning Australian K-12 EduTech developer.  MCE will co-brand and distribute Literatu’s AI writing platform across 40 countries.

Literatu’s AI writing platform, Scribo, connects writing guidance for students with teacher grading, feedback and analytics. Scribo Student is the writing analysis and advice companion for students, giving them instant feedback and improvement suggestions about their text. Scribo Connect extends the functionality of Scribo Student which saves the time teachers spend reviewing texts, personalising feedback and identifying writing skill gaps.

“From learning management system to adaptive assessment; interactive eLearning content and now with the emergence of possibilities from data analytical and Assistive Intelligent (A.I.) technologies, eLearning has certainly evolved. Leveraging them in a meaningful teaching and learning environment has now become a reality. With data-correlated insights instantly available from Scribo Student and Scribo Connect, teachers have immediate visibility into where to target their teaching and address student learning needs,” shared Mr. Yeoh Cheng Poh, Commercial General Manager.  

“Schools in many countries are looking to improve their English standard and writing is often the hardest skill to improve. Coupled with pedagogically sound instructional design, MCE aims to equip the teaching and learning environment with blended learning that supports repurposed time for teachers to further engage their students in richer, deeper and more meaningful learning activities,” added Mr. Yeoh.

Literatu is growing quickly in the Australian K-12 education market working with independent schools and progressive leadership teams in the Catholic Dioceses of Wollongong, Parramatta and Lismore to improve student writing skills. “Schools are realising that the combination of AI technology working alongside teachers is having the biggest impact on both writing improvement and the reduction of hours teachers spend giving feedback,” says Mark Stanley, CEO and co-founder of Literatu. “Research proves that faster feedback cycles improve writing skills. Teachers, however, already work 20 hours overtime a week,” Stanley says.

Singapore has achieved good reading results in international assessments (PISA and PIRLS) over these years. Marshall Cavendish Education has been working closely with Singapore Ministry of Education since the 1980s and was the first publisher for Singapore Maths. It has gone on to publish other core series for English, Science and Asian languages for the ministry. With the learning and experience, MCE aims to deliver greater value to schools through empowering children and supporting teachers with the latest learning and teaching resources, powered by emerging technologies.  

Marshall Cavendish Education remains active in the Singapore market, through collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Education and the provision of education solutions and workshops targeted at schools and parents.



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