Oxford University Press is the exclusive distributor for Singapore Maths in UK

 21 Oct 2016
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Oxford University Press (OUP) is the exclusive partner of Marshall Cavendish Education to distribute Inspire Maths, the UK edition of its Singapore Maths based programme, My Pals are Here.

The Singapore Maths approach uses a proven mathematics pedagogy which has enabled Singapore to consistently top global mathematics achievement rankings, including recent PISA* and TIMSS† metrics that governments all around the world cite as the benchmark of global educational effectiveness. 

Joy Tan, General Manager, Marshall Cavendish Education, said, “As the leading educational publisher in Singapore, we are passionate about developing quality content based on sound pedagogy.  Singapore Maths was previously introduced in UK as My Pals are Here, Maths, a programme that is widely adopted in Singapore and many countries around the world. We are pleased to be able to introduce Inspire Maths, the UK edition of this series, and are excited to work with OUP to bring these benefits to the children and teachers in UK.”

Rod Theodorou, Business Director, UK Primary and Children’s at OUP, said: “At OUP, we believe in backing big ideas for teaching and learning that make an impact in the classroom, supporting teacher and pupil alike. Singapore’s approach to teaching and learning mathematics, supported by carefully designed resources and continuing professional development, is now recognised globally as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths.

Teachers and children in the UK deserve to benefit from the same research-based big ideas and high-quality support as their Singaporean counterparts. The new programme from OUP and Marshall Cavendish Education provides a potential paradigm shift for UK education - one that is proven to have results."

For enquiries, get in touch with the International Educational Consultants at OUP.



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