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Introducing LabX: The Future Scientist's Adventure Kit! 

Safe and comprehensive, LabX is an apparatus kit that has everything necessary for students to conduct curated scientific experiments in the classroom. 

As students use LabX to navigate through the wondrous world of scientific discovery, they are exposed to the exploration of biotechnology through the integration of S.T.E.M disciplines.

Learn more about how LabX and how it prepares students for the world around them!

Three Reasons Why LabX is Great
Lab X Relevant Learning Experiences

Experiments are designed to relate to concepts and topics taught in the school curriculum, making learning meaningful while extending it beyond the curriculum. 

Lab X Sound Pedagogical Design

The LabX kit and experiments are designed using the Inquiry-based approach and the 5E Instructional model, that build scientific literacy and encourage an inquisitive mind.

Lab X Key Competencies

Through the LabX kit and experiments, students develop key competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes) in order to be future-ready, especially in this ever-changing world.

Each LabX Kit Supports Multiple Experiments

Combination -- Experiments Hexagons

Each LabX kit contains the apparatus needed for conducting multiple experiments!

We are continually in development of more experiments that are fun and engaging. We strive to provide a wide range of experiments suitable for future scientists aged 9-14 years old. The experiments we curate are suitable for use both in class and out of class, providing more opportunities for hands-on experimentation both in and out of school.

Introducing biotechnology through S.T.E.M. integration, our experiments explore how relevant concepts and how they relate to the real world.

Experiments include:

  • Mystery Matter
  • Agriculture in Outer Space
  • Edible Water Bottle
  • DNA Extraction
  • DIY Biofuel
  • Oil Spills & Marine Life

Bring your science class to life today!


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