Matific Online Maths Learning


Matific Proven to Boost Your Child’s Maths Outcome

Developed by educational experts for kid in Primary 1 – 6

Matific is a smart learning platform that delivers the world’s best maths activities to students in a fun way. The Award-winning, pedagogically rigorous and highly engaging content is aligned to the Singapore Maths curriculum. This platform allows parents to be able to get deep analytics in real time, track child’s usage and progress and take informed actions. Not only that, the personalised and adaptive learning logic in the platform will empowering students to take charge over how they learn.

Start your Child’s Maths Journey at S$139.90/year
(U.P. S$179.90/year) 

How can Matific Support Children in Learning Maths?


Pedagogically Rigourous

Pedagogically Rigourous
Matific content has been built and refined by leading global education experts.

Pedagogically Rigourous

Skill Practice
With hundreds of interactive activities, worksheets and word problem to help student achieve
mastery in the topics.

Build Conceptual Understanding

Build Conceptual Understanding
Matific allows students to understand topic and think critically by carefully explaining the how
and why behind questions.

Build Conceptual Understanding

Highly Engaging

Through story-telling and interactive animation, Matific draws students into the world of Mathematics.


Start your Child’s Maths Journey at S$139.90/year
(U.P. S$179.90/year) 

Turning Your Child’s Screen Time into Learning Time



Gamified Activities with Rigorous Pedagogy

Students work through Matific’s interactive and engaging content. Matific teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and reduces maths anxiety.

Personalised Learning Pathways

The path students follow covers the full curriculum of topics and skills arranged to cater for their specific knowledge gaps and needs. Students are also able to practice specific skills in a dedicated training zone.

Your Child Learns How to Think

With Matific, children don’t just blindly memorise maths facts. Instead, they gain conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills of maths concepts.

A Personalised and Adaptive Learning Path

Matific's Adventure Island algorithm adapts to your child’s pace and progress.

Matific Improves Maths Performance

The Matific Training Zone targets topics your child could improve in, helping your child gain mastery to the most challenging concepts.

Curriculum Aligned

Matific is aligned to Singapore Maths curriculum, ensuring your child is on track with the topics.

Start your Child’s Maths Journey at S$139.90/year
(U.P. S$179.90/year) 

Helping your Child’s Journey in Maths



Track your child’s progress and Stay Involved

The parent dashboard allows you to stay up to date on your child’s progress. See how often and how long your child uses Matific, what topics they’re learning about, and their performance.


Reduce Maths Anxiety

Matific features gamified activities that bring excitement and fun to maths. Instead of a checklist approach Matific focuses to nurture and guide students through any challenges reducing the anxiety in the child.


  Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Matific provides regular updates on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. With these insights, you can provide extra support where your child is struggling and enrichment to further develop their strengths.


  Identifies and Addresses Learning Gaps

If your child is struggling with maths, Matific will provide the specialised support they need. Matific identifies and addresses weaknesses to help children build understanding and progress through maths concepts at their own pace.