How Can You Help Your Child with Home-based Learning?

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by Marshall Cavendish Education | Apr 06, 2020

Shift to full home-based learning in Singapore

Singapore has seen a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past weeks and physical distancing has been implemented to control the spread of this contagious virus.

In a public announcement made on 3 April 2020, all primary, secondary, Pre-University and IHL students, including students from Special Education (SPED) schools, will shift to full Home-Based Learning (HBL) from 8 April 2020 to 4 May 2020. Pre-schools, MOE Kindergartens and student care centres, including special student care centres, will also suspend their general services during this period. 

Currently, to carry out the lessons, schools are using the following tools to reach the students to overcome the barrier of physical distancing: 
E-learning (for example, online assignments through the Student Learning Space (SLS) or other online learning platforms) 
E-mail messages (for example, notes or worksheets through e-mail) 
Hardcopy assignments (for example, worksheets or textbooks

Parents’ feedback on home-based learning 

From a Straits Times interview, “Cooped up at home, but all is well”, some parents have shared their concerns on home-based learning. 

Firstly, parents are feeling the stress of coaching their child when they over-amplify on the areas that require improvement for their children. Next, despite knowing so, they do not have the right tools/skills to coach their child in their schoolwork. Lastly, teaching and coaching at home is very time-consuming and many parents who are working full-time cannot cope with extra load. 

Marshall Cavendish Education's Home-based Learning Solutions

Explore the range of products that could help teachers and parents to ease your load in coaching your children during this period! 




Math Buddies is a comprehensive digital platform that adopts the same pedagogical principles found in our Singapore Mathematics textbooks and combines interactive components with instructional strategies to offer an engaging teaching and learning experience.  

Brush up on Concepts to Mastery in Just 2 Simple Steps! 



  • Assist students to learn at their own pace 

  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to build conceptual understanding 

  • Ready-made lessons for self-directed learning 

Guided Practices 

  • Scaffolding approach for easy understanding and building confidence 

  • Answers for self-evaluation and learning 

  • Support independent or group learning 


Good news, we are offering a 3 months FREE ACCESS of Math Buddies! 

As the leading provider in education, we are ready to support your child’s learning needs and help him/her through the weeks of home-based learning ahead!  

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*Free access is valid till 31 May 2020 




Moo-O is an app for learners aged  5 to 7 to master their language skills, by building Reading Fluency and Speaking Skills through creative dramatic play.  

Moo-O helps learners learn by doing. They act as story characters and produce videos to tell their stories. These videos they produce provide immediate feedback for self-assessment of performance.  

Curious to find out how the app works? Check out our video here