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by Marshall Cavendish Education | May 11, 2020

June School Holidays Starts from May 5 to June 1

With the extension of circuit breaker as announced by PM Lee Hsien Loong, schools in Singapore are also having an earlier June Holiday school break, starting from 5 May 2020 till 1 June 2020. During this period, what can parents do to help their child to continue learning to keep them engaged in their studies? 

While it is challenging for students to get access to guidance from their teachers at schools or tuition centers, this may be a good opportunity to train them to hone the 21st century skills, starting with being independent learners. There are many available home-based learning resources that are available online to help students in their studies and there are many students who have already benefitted from it! 

The Right Learning Tools to Support Self-directed Learning

What may seem daunting initially can be managed, and having the right tools is important to ensure that the right information is accurately and effectively imparted to the learners. As the experienced education solutions provider in Singapore producing widely adopted books series such as Primary Mathematics, My Pals are Here and Huan Le Huo Ban 欢乐伙伴, the team at Marshall Cavendish Education understands the learning needs of the students and has been sharing useful content on our social media platforms. Here, we have put together a list for your convenience.

FREE Home-based Learning Resources from Marshall Cavendish Education

To cater to the wide range of learning needs we have put up our resources in the form of bite-sized quizzes, videos and digital resource portals. 

1. Bite-sized Quizzes (Available @mceducation FB & IG )
A series of short quizzes extracted from our supplementary materials and digital resource portals across different subjects. This series aims to engage children and check on their learning progress in small bite-sized quizzes.

Bite-sized Quizzes
Science bite-sized, adapted from MPaH Science Tests XTRA P3-6

Follow us @mceducation on FB or IG for more quizzes!

2. Comprehensive Digital Resource Portal: MCEduHub (Free access till 31 Jun 2020)

Math Buddies
Applicable for Grade 1 to 6, age 7 - 12 

"MCE’s Math Buddies is easy to use and highly interactive. Learning videos are useful for concept revision and practice questions help to reinforce the concepts learnt. Overall. A good supplementary portal for primary school maths” - Parent review 

We have granted FREE access to this Math learning solution till end of May. Do take advantage of this and learn with your child during this school holiday period! For those who have signed up, thank you for the positive feedback!

New to the platform? No worries, let’s hear from a young friend who will bring you through the process!

Video credits: IG@3wheelingtots 

Click here to get your free access today.

Science Digital Suite (NEW)
Applicable for Grade 1 to 6, age 7 - 12 

Many have written to us to request for learning tools for other subjects after the release of Math Buddies and we are pleased to share that. Science Digital Suite is also available for FREE access now! With a total of 16 modules and over 180 lessons, Science Digital Suite helps learners to acquire science concepts and put their learnings into practice. It is also built to support the 5E instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluation, a model that teachers follows closely with to help students in the mastery of Science. 
This web and mobile friendly solution offers learners interactive content that are made relevant to real-life scenarios to allow them to easily understand scientific concepts and the application of knowledge. 

Click here to get your free access today.

3. Language Learning through Dramatic Play for Young Learners (Mobile Application): Moo-O 

Looking for a fun and interactive digital learning app for your young kids? Check out Moo-O learning app consisting of over 40 English and Chinese readers. What’s more, this platform allows children to put their learning into practice as they given a “virtual stage” to perform what they have just read! Performance reviews are also available to assess the child’s performance.  
Available on Goguru now! 
LCWF My EQ Readers Series  
Positive Emotions (4 Readers): Chinese Readers   
Negative Emotions (4 Readers): Chinese Readers  
Responsibilities (4 Readers): Chinese Readers 

LCWF Caterpillar Series  
Pink Caterpillar (4 Readers): English Readers | Chinese Readers  
Blue Caterpillar (4 Readers): English Readers | Chinese Readers  
Green Caterpillar (4 Readers): English Readers | Chinese Readers 

Beany’s Picture Book Series 
Beany’s Picture Book Series (20 Readers): Bilingual Readers   

Bubu Picture Book Series 
Bubu Picture Book Series (6 Readers): Chinese Readers  

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