Acing the PSLE Science with Flying Colours

by Marshall Cavendish Education | Aug 21, 2019

With the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) around the corner, Singaporean parents are inevitably anxious as they prepare their children for this national examination. One of Marshall Cavendish Education's Science authors, Mr Chee Chin Young, provides useful tips and insights on how your child can up his/her chances to ace the PSLE Science examination. 

PSLE Science MCQ: Booklet Section A (Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ)

To tackle the Section A PSLE Science MCQ, Mr Chee highlighted that it is important for pupils to apply conceptual understanding when answering the PSLE Science MCQ questions.

In particular, pupils should aim to apply the ‘Process working method', which has been proven for accuracy and efficiency. This can be achieved with techniques such as underlining keywords, shortlisting with ticks and crosses in pencil, and thereafter applying intuition analytical skills to derive at the most appropriate answer.

PSLE Science Booklet B (Free-Response Questions)

In the Free-Response Questions (Section B) section of the paper, students should
• Aim for short and concise answers
• Use relevant scientific keywords

They can then attempt the questions by asking themselves these questions:
- Topic – Which topic is this question based on?
- Concept – What concept is the question asking / testing your understanding on? 
- Keywords – What keywords show the understanding of the concepts?
- Question – Lastly, in your phrasing, are you answering the question asked? 

Time Management

In the PSLE Science paper, students are given 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete this paper. Students are recommended to not spend more than 1 minute on each question in section A and not more than 2 minutes per question in section B.
Students should also factor in time for checking both sections and any questions that they are uncertain of. Finally, practice makes perfect – it is essential for students to have sufficient practice with past year papers within the suggested time frame to be efficiently prepared.


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