Singapore Performance in Pisa (Reading) 2018

by Marshall Cavendish Education | Feb 28, 2020

How did Singapore Perform in the PISA (Reading) in 2018?

In the recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results release  by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  (OECD), we are proud to share that our students have maintained our top three ranking in all the segments, Maths, Science and Reading. Here’s an overview to our performance in the reading segment.

How Did Singapore Perform in the 2018 PISA - Reading Category? 

Pisa Reading 2018

Here in Singapore at Marshall Cavendish Education, we craft quality, comprehensive educational solutions. We are also the publisher for the first Singapore Maths textbook – Primary Mathematics which gained popularity due to its unique Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, which we believe contributed to Singapore students’ continuous outstanding performance.

Pisa Reading 2018

Reading Acquisition Materials For Preschoolers

In our preschool segment, we have developed various new series which aims to improve the acquisition of reading skills of young preschoolers and to also introduce simple mathematics concepts.


This series is developed based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner. With this, learners are able to acquire reading skills of the following:

  • Musical Rhythmic
  • Visual Spatial
  • Verbal Linguistics
  • Logical Mathematical
  • Bodily Kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalistic

Examples of All Kids R Intelligent

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Verbal Linguistic Intelligence
To distinguish between one and many

Visual Spatial Intelligence
To draw a self-selected picture

Bodily Kinesthetic
To use fingers to model adding

Thinking Skills

To classify things in different ways

Polly Put a Kettle On
Verbal Linguistic Intelligence
To identify initial letter sounds to use prepositions correctly

Visual Spatial Intelligence
To draw a self-selected picture

Bodily Kinesthetic
To role-play a dialogue


To take turns



This series is a specially curated programme designed for young children learning English as a foreign language. Following a balanced, whole-language, step-by-step approach, it aims to develop the four key foundation skills in English:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
Contents available for First Steps From Phonics to Reading
  • 400 Flash Cards
  • 75 stories
  • Digital Readers
  • 600 Activities

First Steps From Phonics to Reading

Through the contents, the series aims to:

  • Immerse children in language-rich environment with authentic stories
  • Equip children with Social and Emotional skills to succeed in future evolving economies
  • Equip teachers with teaching aids that can be used easily and taught step-by-step

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