5 Awesome Reads for Preschoolers

by Marshall Cavendish Education | Sep 21, 2020

Looking for some awesome reads for your preschooler? These selected preschool books will enable your little one to be proficient in reading. Parents can engage their little ones through conversation by making use of these books and then take the opportunity to ask them questions to gain meaningful knowledge. Not only that, it will also serve as a great bonding time for both parent and child!

Times 1000, 2000, 4000 Word Series (2nd Edition)

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The new edition of Times Word series – revamped to cater to modern-day learners – is a range of full-colour books, designed to develop children’s ability to read and interpret pictures. Every page is thoughtfully laid out, with culturally sensitive and relatable illustrations and contexts. Through these lively illustrations, children are introduced to common English words within their immediate experience. A mobile app is also available to complement the series to make learning interactive.

All Kids R Intelligent! English Readers

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This interactive series of 10 multi-disciplinary readers is designed to help children develop essential language skills and concepts through stories with full colour illustrations and rhymes. While reading the stories, children are encouraged to make choices and predictions. In addition, activities are accompanied by cut-out activity cards that enhance a child’s learning experience. The skills introduced in each book include an introduction to basic phonemic sound and letter blends.

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Beany’s Picture Book Series

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This series of readers is specially written for preschool children. It consists of 10 books covering themes based on real-life contexts. The readers provide texts with Hanyu Pinyin and teaching tips to facilitate teaching while engaging children through interesting storylines with colourful illustrations.

This series is also available in Chinese.

Bubu Picture Book Series

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The stories revolve around a little boy named Bubu and the interesting experiences he has. Written simply, yet meaningful and richly imaginative, these stories easily capture young readers’ interest in reading. Lively and colourful illustrations help to hone children’s picture-reading skills and inspire their creativity and imagination.

My EQ Readers

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My EQ Readers series is divided into three themes: Positive Emotions, Negative Emotions and Responsibilities. Each theme is explored over four books. Children will be made aware of the different emotions they may have and be guided on how to manage these emotions. The text is deliberately kept simple and appropriate for preschool children, and the illustrations are done in a variety of styles to stimulate interest.

All books can be purchased at www.goguru.com.sg

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