Marshall Cavendish Education Workshops Are Online This December For Ages 8-16!

by Marshall Cavendish Education | Dec 02, 2020

Year-end school holidays are slightly different this year with the on-going pandemic, it’s no surprise that many parents are racking their brains to plan ahead to keep their child occupied. Check out the following webinars that will surely entertain the imaginative and inquisitive minds of primary schoolers!

[8-9 Years Old] & [10-11 Years Old] December Holiday Coding Workshop  


Date: 7 - 9 December 2020   

Coding has become an important skill in the world today, it allows young students to be creators. By learning to code they learn to maximize their creativity and learn how to come up with their own ideas in order to solve their problem. This workshop will allow these young students to strengthen their minds as computational thinkers and improve their logical thinking and problem-solving skills! At the end of the workshop, your child will receive an e-certification.  

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*Complimentary coding software worth $144! 

[8-9 Years Old] Sign up link:   

[10-11 Years Old] Sign up link:

[Ages 9 - 12] December Holiday Chinese Webinar: 听故事,闹哄哄


Date: 17 December 2020  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet the author of students’ favourite book: Nao Nao comics, 洪汐老师! Besides meeting the author, students will be able to benefit from exclusive study tips such as oral tips 口语互动能力, listening tips 口语互动能力, and content creation tips (e.g. story development and telling) 增加写作内容. After the webinar, students will also be given the opportunity to ask questions to the author directly!  

*Receive a 3 months access to P4 & 5 Oral Buddy! Worth more than $150.

Sign up link:

[Ages 13 - 16] December Holiday Chinese Webinar: 网购101

chinese webinar

Date: 17 December 2020  

This webinar will be hosted by popular DJ, Anna 林安娜 from 96.3FM! In a highly digitalized world, technology has affected our lifestyle where online shopping is the norm. Hence, Anna will be sharing more on the topic of online shopping. At the end of the workshop, your child will have more knowledge on the news and trends on online shopping 网购新趣, pros and cons of online shopping 网购利和弊 and ways to avoid online scam 如何勿坠入灰网. This will improve your child’s writing and oral skills by learning more about the latest news and trends for your writing and oral exams!  

*First 20 signups will get to receive a gift pack worth $15!  

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