Teaching to Mastery: Bar Modeling – A Problem-solving Tool

29 Sep 2016
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The first in the series of Mathematics professional development titles, Bar Modeling: A Problem-solving Tool, is written for educators who want to know the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of bar modeling – a visual problem-solving heuristic which serves as a foundation to algebraic thinking – as well as the pedagogy of the heuristic.

With its inductive approach to helping readers discover and understand the use of bar models, this book serves both as a guide and a resource for practice in the use of the model method in solving word problems.

In the first introductory chapter, readers get a brief overview of bar modeling, more commonly known as the model method.

In subsequent chapters, users will get to explore and work on the different types of bar models, starting from the basic part-whole model form to more challenging problems involving various types of models in one question. Each new concept is introduced via numerous Examples, followed by Guided Practices and Independent Practices. Notes in the sidebars as well as tips and hints provide reinforcements as well as guidance while attempting the word problems. 

Users will also be able to get an insight into the theoretical underpinnings of the model method based on research conducted by educators in this field, as well as learn how the use of the model method can be brought into the classroom in various grade levels. 

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