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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

What constitutes an effective 21st century education system? What do 21st century classrooms look like and how do 21st century students learn? Regardless where you’re from, we are ready to mould the next generation of educators and learners. Read on to find out how we have made a difference to the teaching and learning to educators and learners across the globe.

Case Study: Fall in Luv with English

Often associated with dusty tomes and purple prose, igniting young learners’ passion in English has always been a challenge, especially in today’s digital age where youth are more commonly found with mobile devices in their hands rather than pens and books.

Teachers from Coral Secondary School and Yuhua Secondary School decided to implement LuV English from August to September 2013 to help their students discover the joy of learning English.

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Reading Log Case Study: Nurturing Students’ Love for Reading

When White Sands Primary School’s (WSPS) Chinese teacher, Mrs Elias Giam Poh Geok, realised there could be a better way of keeping track of her pupils’ reading progress rather through paper records, she suggested collaborating with MC Online on an online reading log for her pupils to keep a record of the books they had read and write reviews on those books.

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US Efficacy Study

North Middlesex Regional School District (NMRSD) is the only Massachusetts school district with Singapore mathematics (SM) for its curriculum. Since it is also the American school district with the longest period of SM implementation, its student outcomes over an extended period afford exceptional opportunities for a longitudinal statistical study.


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Case Study: India – Bringing Education to Greater Heights

D. Laxmi Koumudi, a Grade 8 student at Jai Santoshi Matha (JSM) High School has always been taught lessons the traditional way – with blackboards and textbooks. For the antsy teenager, these lessons are tedious and boring. She finds it hard to concentrate in class and thus has trouble completing her homework. It is no surprise that she finds learning (and in extension, studying) a chore, and a stressful one at that. But in February 2011, Laxmi’s view on learning changed for the better.

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Case Study: Math Buddies in the US

Marshall Cavendish Online’s (MC Online’s) Math Buddies has successfully brought Singapore Math beyond local shores. A comprehensive K-12 digital curriculum for mathematics that adopts the same pedagogical principles from Singapore mathematics textbooks, Math Buddies has been enthusiastically embraced by a multitude of schools in the USA. 

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