Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary Mathematics (2nd edition)

The Marshall Cavendish Cambridge Primary Mathematics (2nd edition) series is designed to support teachers and learners following the 0096 curriculum framework. Our package nurtures Cambridge active learners, using the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to help them develop a broad understanding of mathematics and the ability to apply mathematics in their daily lives.

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Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary Mathematics (2nd edition) Series Architecture

  • Student’s Book Stage 1-6
  • Activity Book Stage 1-6
  • Teacher’s Guide Stage 1-6
  • eBook

Student’s Book

The Student’s Book is designed based on scaffolding learning where young learners are reminded of what they have already learned, before they are guided into understanding mathematical concepts through CPA tools. It provides a range of mathematical activities to prompt learners to reason, describe and present their solutions through real-world context.


Brings mathematics to life and makes learning fun through illustrations and engaging mascots, songs, videos, animations, comics, sticker activities, augmented reality, and virtual manipulatives.


Build on their ‘Thinking and Working Mathematically’ skills. 


Uses simple language and presents key mathematical terms using infographics to build vocabulary. 


Activity Book

The Activity Book is intended to provide additional practice and reinforcement of key mathematical principles and skills taught in the Student’s Book. Each Chapter contains formative questions of different levels, ranging from simple recall questions to a more complex questions based on real-life scenarios.


Encourage the use of ‘Thinking and Working Mathematically’ skills through activities.


A journaling feature encourages learner self-reflection. 


Reviews with Checkpoint-style questions at Stage 5 & 6 to help familiarise learners with the Primary Checkpoint format. 


Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide provides teachers with practical strategies to enable effective classroom or home-based learning including a section on fashioning manipulatives from household items. 


The lesson plans include questions for teachers to ask to stimulate mathematical thinking and check for misconceptions. 


Each lesson includes a warm-up and wrap up for stimulating discussion and checking understanding. It also provides challenges and supports that are designed for differentiated instruction in the classroom. 


Additional resources including cross-curricular projects, answer keys, PowerPoint slides and additional levelled worksheets are provided online. 


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Product ISBNs:


Student’s Book

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971096
Stage 2 ISBN: 9789814971102
Stage 3 ISBN: 9789814971119
Stage 4 ISBN: 9789814971126
Stage 5 ISBN: 9789814971133
Stage 6 ISBN: 9789814971140


Activity Book

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971157
Stage 2 ISBN: 9789814971164
Stage 3 ISBN: 9789814971171
Stage 4 ISBN: 9789814971188
Stage 5 ISBN: 9789814971195
Stage 6 ISBN: 9789814971201


Teacher's guide

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971218
Stage 2 ISBN: 
Stage 3 ISBN: 
Stage 4 ISBN:
Stage 5 ISBN: 
Stage 6 ISBN: 

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