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Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSETM Series

An Endorsement Partner of Cambridge Assessment International Education, Marshall Cavendish Education is a leading Asian based education solutions provider with footprints in more than 80 countries.

Marshall Cavendish Education’s Cambridge iGCSE™ series is specially designed and developed to support learners for the future world. With a focus on authentic learning to help learners make connections to the world, our series also has an emphasis on the development of 21st century skills.

We are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of these series.

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How Can We Help Learners?

Capture interest

Capture Interest
Learners’ interests are captured with dynamic imagery 
and engaging chapter openers discussion big ideas

Construct Understanding

Construct Understanding
Clearly marked out areas such as “Margin Features” and “Infographics” help learners grasp concepts better

Consolicate Learning

Consolidate Learning
Learners can check for understanding of key ideas and concepts with self-assessments and evaluation


Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSETM Subjects Offerings

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Biology 0610/0970
A comprehensive suite of print and digital resources to provide extensive support for both learners and educators, including non-native English speakers. This series incorporates the inquiry-based approach and metacognition is embedded throughout to promote deep learning.

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620/0971 
This series consists of print and digital learning materials that promote active learning through the inquiry-based approach. It provides many opportunities to extend learning and explore concepts through its activities and relatable real-life applications.

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Physics 0625/0972
This series is supported by the inquiry-based approach that empowers learners with the content knowledge and skills required for their examination. Extensive support and scaffolding are provided to relate concepts across topics and foster a deeper understanding of concepts.
Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science 0478/0984/2212
This series nurtures life-long thinking, spurring students on to develop technological and digital literacy skills through real-life scenario-based problems and situations. This enables them to embrace the rapidly changing technologies and become independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Information & Communication Technology 0417/0983
This series encourages active learning and inquiry-based learning, allowing learners to delve deeper into the concepts presented through metacognition embedded throughout the book and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of technology.
[Existing Series] Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE 0510/0511 
The series focuses on building communicative competence and linking language to life with carefully structured units arranged according to the various functions, such as informing, explaining, persuading, and giving opinions.

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