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Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSETM Technology Series 

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE™ Technology series is a comprehensive two-year programme designed for learners studying for the Cambridge IGCSE, IGCSE (9-1) ICT syllabuses (0417/0983), IGCSE (9-1) Computer Science syllabuses (0478/0984) and for examination from 2023.

This IGCSE Technology series encapsulates the Cambridge Approach into a suite of accessible and approachable learning materials that support blended learning.

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE Technology series promotes visual learning and delivers an engaging learning experience. Difficult concepts are scaffolded and broken down to convey bite-sized concepts, with worked examples supports new learners.

To nurture a 21st century practical problem solver, this series includes real-life scenario-based problems and situations for learners to apply scientific and technological concepts learnt to practical aspects beyond the confines of the classroom.

Through engaging chapter openers, the friendly and concise language used, and the visual approach by means of colourful illustrations and infographics to simplify learning concepts, our package delivers an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. This enables learners to develop necessary skills to embrace the rapidly changing technological landscape and become future thinkers and problem solvers.

IGCSE (9-1) ICT syllabuses (0417/0983)
IGCSE (9-1) Computer Science syllabuses (0478/0984)



Inquiry Based Approach

Reduce learning obstacles and achieve proficiency in concepts

With its clear and simple language, this series cater to learners for whom English may not be the first language. The highly-visual and clearly-organised content is also designed to guide learners of various learning readiness to master the syllabus. In addition, the use of technology helps to enrich and enhance learning.


Build learners’ confidence by linking theory to real-life applications

This series create opportunities for learners to engage in their learning, as they make the connection between the theory they learn in the classroom to real-world scenarios through the various activities in the book.

Faciliate Educators

Prepare learners for the future by equipping them with 21st century competencies

Through the inquiry-based approach, learners are encouraged to continually ask questions and reflect on their understanding. This encourages active learning and promotes self-directed learning..



Technology Covers-01 

  • Encourages active and inquiry based learning through hands on activities and discussions.
  • Supports subject literacy with simple and concise language, bite-sized concepts.
  • Caters to the international landscape, with multicultural photographs, visuals and other references.
  • Promotes visual learning through inclusion of concept infographics and clear illustrations.
  • Includes mind maps and links that build up learners’ understanding of relationship between concepts.
  • Nutures life-long learning in building digital literacy study skills which students can use beyond their IGCSE course.
  • Helps students develop 21st century competencies, so that they become future-ready.
Information Communication Technology - ISBN: 9789814941563 
Computer Science - ISBN: 9789814941594

Technology Covers-02 

The workbook follows the same flow and structure as the student book and provides supplementary exercises to reinforce concepts learnt during lessons. Exam style questions are also included for students to prepare them for assessment and a revision checklist at the end helps students assess their level of understanding of concepts.

Information Communication Technology - ISBN: 9789814941570 
Computer Science - ISBN: 9789814941600

Technology Covers-03 


The Teacher’s Guide contains step-by-step lesson plans to support teachers. The lesson plans include suggestions for classroom activities and discussions, including warm up, challenge and support for differentiated instructions and wrap up activities. Answer key, source files and editable powerpoint slides for teaching are also included.

Information Communication Technology - ISBN: 9789814941587
Computer Science - ISBN: 9789814941617

Technology Covers-04 

• Enhanced eBooks (Annotatable)
• Digital Teacher’s Guide
• Editable Resources:
 i. Scheme of Work
 ii. Lesson Plans
 iii. PowerPoint Slides
• Source Files with Instructions
• Coding Instructions

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