Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series (2nd Edition)
《阶梯作文》第二版 Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series (2nd Edition)

The Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series adopts a systematic approach in building children’s composition writing ability. Through a variety of interesting exercises and sample writings, the series introduces sentence structures, word forms and idioms, equipping children with the foundation for composition writing. The exercises are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and desire to learn.
The Basic level focuses on sentence structures and punctuation.

The Intermediate level focuses on the 5W1H and other writing approaches. The Advanced level builds on what was covered in the Intermediate level to teach more higher level writing approaches and also introduces idioms and Chinese sayings that will enrich writing expressions.

《阶梯作文》第二版通过生动活泼的教学设计与循序渐进的课程规划,借由重要且常用的句型练习、词性介 绍,以及精彩的范文导读,激发孩子的求知欲与想象力,在学习过程中打好写作的基础。初级本着重于基本的句型练习、组句成段及标点符号。中级本教导六何法、各种描写与修辞手法。高级册延伸教导各种描写与修辞手法,也介绍成语、俗语及歇后语。

《阶梯作文》-初级 (第二版)Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series – Basic (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814684194
《阶梯作文》-中级 (第二版)Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series – Intermediate (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814684200
《阶梯作文》-高级 (第二版)Primary Chinese Graded Writing Series – Advanced (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814684217

Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese
小学华文《我的故事》Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese

Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese is a step-by-step composition enrichment practice book series aligned to the Huanle Huoban series. In the early stages of writing, pupils are often encouraged to review model essays and then emulate the writing styles and techniques through their own construction of stories.

In this series, pupils are guided to read a model passage before writing their own story. They are also prompted to recount their experiences, which are helpful in the brainstorming of writing ideas.

“仿”; 激发写作兴趣的有效途径是书写熟悉的人、事、物。


小学华文《我的故事》(一年级)Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese 1 - ISBN: 9789813166349
小学华文《我的故事》(二年级)Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese 2 - ISBN: 9789814851657
小学华文《我的故事》(三年级)Easy Steps to Writing Primary Chinese 3 - ISBN: 9789814862394

Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension
《快乐阅读理解》Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension

Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension is developed in line with the new 2017 PSLE examination format. It provides structured practice for the two Comprehension sections of Paper II. Through a variety of text types such as advertisements, notices, news and stories, pupils get useful tips and ample practice on tackling both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.


《快乐阅读理解》小一 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789813166325
《快乐阅读理解》小二 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789813166332
《快乐阅读理解》小三 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789813169692
《快乐阅读理解》小四 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814825498
《快乐阅读理解》小五 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789813164598
《快乐阅读理解》小六 Happy Practice Chinese Comprehension Primary 6 - ISBN: 9789813164604

Primary 1 Hanyu Pinyin 1+1
《汉语拼音1+1》小一 Primary 1 Hanyu Pinyin 1+1

Hanyu Pinyin 1+1 provides supplementary pinyin practice for primary one pupils and is designed to complement the new Primary 1 Chinese textbook (Huanle Huoban) developed by Ministry of Education, Singapore.

  • With Hanyu Pinyin 1+1, pupils practise the correct method of writing Hanyu Pinyin, revise and consolidate their understanding of radicals and components, stroke and sequence of Chinese characters.
  • Pupils will also master the Hanyu Pinyin initials, finals and positioning rules of tonal marks.


  •  紧扣所有课文,每一课一个练习,共十个练习
  • 1 + 1 = 习写拼音+练习
  • 每课练习都写明学习目标,活动依学习目标设计
  • 习写部份中的四线格,帮助学生练习正确、规范地书写拼音,快速掌握声母、韵母和调号的
  • 练习部份将巩固学生该课所须学的拼音、生字、笔画笔顺和偏旁部首
  • 特别为教学设计了汉语拼音资源,与练习本配合使用。

Free teachers’ resources for download upon school adoption. 

《汉语拼音1+1》小一 Primary 1 Hanyu Pinyin 1+1 - ISBN: 9789814661386

Happy Practice Writing Exercise
《欢乐习字》Happy Practice Writing Exercise

The Happy Practice Writing Exercise series adopts a systematic approach in building pupils’ writing ability. Suitable for both Primary Chinese and Higher Chinese pupils, it focuses on helping them master the writing of key words and vocabulary learnt in Chinese Language for Primary School (Huanle Huoban) textbooks. Written exercises on sentence formation are also introduced to further reinforce pupils’ understanding and expand their vocabulary.


《欢乐习字》四年级 Happy Practice Writing Exercise Primary 4 CL/HCL - ISBN: 9789814824965
《欢乐习字》五年级 Happy Practice Writing Exercise Primary 5 CL/HCL/FCL - ISBN: 9789814643030
《欢乐习字》六年级 Happy Practice Writing Exercise Primary 6 CL/HCL/FCL - ISBN: 9789814890014

Easy Steps to Chinese
小学华文《乐在学习》Easy Steps to Chinese

Easy Steps to Chinese is a new series of enrichment exercises developed in line with the new 2015 Singapore Ministry of Education Primary Chinese language syllabus. This series contains 8 practice units and 2 revision units that correspond to the Huanle Huoban textbooks, with revision table included for each practice unit to consolidate pupils’ learning. Lively comic characters are also interspersed throughout these practices and activities, making learning fun and interactive. Every unit also comes with listening comprehension practice.


小学华文 《乐在学习》小一 Easy Steps to Chinese Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814824965

Happy Practice (Chinese Language) 1
Happy Practice (Chinese Language) 2

小学华文《快乐练习》Happy Practice (Chinese Language) (BEST SELLER)

This enrichment series is based on the latest syllabus newly implemented in 2015 by Ministry of Education, Singapore. It enhances the learning of the Chinese language and each practice is closely based on the new Primary Chinese textbook (Huanle Huoban). The learning objectives of each practice are stated clearly and are used to develop the questions. Rubrics are included at the end of each practice allowing pupils to evaluate their progress. Additionally, table listing the terms of strokes, radical and components of Chinese characters are provided to enhance pupils’ understanding of Chinese characters.


小学华文《快乐练习》一年级(上册)(强化)Happy Practice 1A (CL) - ISBN: 9789810169558
小学华文《快乐练习》一年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 1B (CL) - ISBN: 9789814433822
小学华文《快乐练习》二年级(上 册)(强化)Happy Practice 2A (CL) - ISBN: 9789814661362
小学华文《快乐练习》二年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 2B (CL) - ISBN: 9789814741453
小学华文《快乐练习》三年级(上 册)(强化)Happy Practice 3A (CL) - ISBN: 9789814684408
小学华文《快乐练习》三年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 3B (CL) - ISBN: 9789813165137
小学华文《快乐练习》四年级(上册)(强化)Happy Practice 4A (CL) - ISBN: 9789813167575
小学华文《快乐练习》四年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 4B (CL) - ISBN: 9789814824910
小学华文《快乐练习》五年级(上 册)(强化)Happy Practice 5A (CL) - ISBN: 9789814572750
小学华文《快乐练习》五年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 5B (CL) - ISBN: 9789814852883
小学华文《快乐练习》六年级(上 册)(强化)Happy Practice 6A (CL) - ISBN: 9789814891066
小学华文《快乐练习》六年级(下 册)(强化)Happy Practice 6B (CL) - ISBN: 9789814905343

Happy Practice (Chinese Language) HC -1
小学高级华文《快乐练习》强化版 Happy Practice (Higher Chinese Language)

This enrichment series is based on the latest syllabus newly implemented in 2015, by Ministry of Education, Singapore. It enhances the learning of the Chinese language and each practice is closely based on the new Primary Higher Chinese textbook (Huanle Huoban). Challenging questions are posed for pupils’ practice and the enrichment component trains and strengthens pupils’ oracy skills. Additionally, a table listing the terms of strokes, radical and components of Chinese characters is provided to enhance pupils’ understanding of Chinese characters.


小学高级华文《快乐练习》一年级 (上册)Happy Practice 1A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789810169565
小学高级华文《快乐练习》一年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 1B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814433839
小学高级华文《快乐练习》二年级 (上 册)Happy Practice 2A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814661379
小学高级华文《快乐练习》二年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 2B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814741460
小学高级华文《快乐练习》三年级 (上 册)Happy Practice 3A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814684415
小学高级华文《快乐练习》三年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 3B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789813165144
小学高级华文《快乐练习》四年级 (上册)Happy Practice 4A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789813167582
小学高级华文《快乐练习》四年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 4B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814824927
小学高级华文《快乐练习》五年级 (上 册)Happy Practice 5A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814572767
小学高级华文《快乐练习》五年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 5B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814852876
小学高级华文《快乐练习》六年级 (上 册)Happy Practice 6A (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814905343
小学高级华文《快乐练习》六年级 (下 册)Happy Practice 6B (HCL) - ISBN: 9789814905350

Inspire Chinese
小学华文《课后强化练习》Inspire Chinese

The Inspire Chinese (Primary) series is developed based on the latest Huanle Huoban Primary Chinese textbooks. This series is suitable for those who are looking for a comprehensive revision tool to prepare for their exams. Each practice clearly sets out its learning objectives, supported with a variety of questions targeted to consolidate pupils’ learning.


小学华文《课后强化练习》一年级 Inspire Chinese P1 - ISBN: 9789813169685
小学华文《课后强化练习》二年级 Inspire Chinese P2 - ISBN: 9789814824934
小学华文《课后强化练习》三年级 Inspire Chinese P3 - ISBN: 9789814824941
小学华文《课后强化练习》四年级 Inspire Chinese P4 - ISBN: 9789814823371
小学华文《课后强化练习》五年级 Inspire Chinese P5 - ISBN: 9789814862202
小学华文《课后强化练习》六年级 Inspire Chinese P6 - ISBN: 9789814905367

Easy Steps to Chinese Picture Compositions
小学华文《帮你联想看图作文》Easy Steps to Chinese Picture Compositions

Easy Steps to Chinese Picture Compositions comprises a curated collection of 40 essays suitable for primary students. Each essay comes in two variations – an intermediate (Grade B-C) and advanced level (Grade A), highlighting the critical writing elements required to attain the corresponding grade. This unique feature not only helps pupils to better understand the exam requirements, it also helps to probe their creativity to further enhance their compositions. There is also a gradual increase in the number of words and descriptors used for essays in the second half of the book (essays 21 – 40), making it suitable for Higher Chinese pupils.


eBook (with audio) available on MCEduHub

小学华文《帮你联想看图作文》Easy Steps to Chinese Picture Compositions - ISBN: 9789814823500

Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition)
《欢乐学习看图词典》第二版 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition) (BEST SELLER)

This book uses themes and sub-themes as a framework to introduce about 1000 commonly used nouns to kindergarten and lower Primary pupils. Some of these nouns can be found in the new Primary Chinese syllabus. The key feature of this dictionary is that it caters for extended learning by matching the nouns with measure words, collective nouns and verbs to form meaningful phrases.

The accompanying mobile app available for Android and iOS platforms enables users to learn easily as they listen to the corresponding audio playback of the nouns through an interactive interface and learn verbs through animation.




欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814741651

iRead News
《我爱读报》iRead News Junior (NEW)

iRead News Junior is a carefully curated series of newspaper articles sourced from Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Ming Daily News. Each book contains 45 selected articles that are suitable for primary students’ daily reading, and each article is paired with vocabulary learning and questions to stimulate deeper understanding of the topic. iRead News Junior covers 6 key themes which includes Personal, Family, School, Society, Global Issues and Knowledge, and students will learn over 500 vocabulary words. Students can scan the QR code to listen to the narration of the news articles.


《我爱读报》iRead News Junior 1 - ISBN: 9789814891509
《我爱读报》iRead News Junior 2 - ISBN: 9789814891486

Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PS
《小学口试精编》看录像说话 Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PSLE

This book is written based on the latest Ministry of Education Chinese Language Oral Examination
format. It trains the pupils on their oracy and thinking skills, allowing them to handle the oral exam
with ease and confidence.

It is divided into 2 sections: Reading Aloud and Conversation using video clip as stimulus. For
Reading Aloud, pupils are trained in their pronunciation and intonation, with practice passages. For
Conversation (video stimulus), pupils are taught the required skills and techniques, and given 6 videos
for practice.

《 小学口试精编》是根据最新的口试格式,和 - 删为口试备考编写。它能有效地提升学生的

章。录像会话的部分训练学生的答题技巧和思维能力,和 - 删供6个录像让学生练习。

小学口试精编 Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PSLE - ISBN: 9789814741811

Chinese PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
《小六会考华文应考手册》Chinese PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition)

This guidebook aims to effectively prepare pupils to ace the PSLE examination with confidence.
It uses a systematic approach to help pupils better understand the various assessment types and
grading criteria.

Learning outcomes are clearly stated at the start of each chapter before going in-depth with succinct
explanations and ample practices to drill pupils on mastering critical techniques to answer typical
examination questions. Note for Parents summarises the key points in English so they can help their
children in their preparation for PSLE.


小六会考华文应考手册 Chinese PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813164147

闹闹漫画系列 Nao Nao Comics

This book helps pupils revise quickly and effectively for examinations. The concept maps consolidate Nao Nao is no stranger to young readers. For 25 years, its books, comics and TV series have been well-loved by children. We have released three comics series, namely Nao Nao Comics, Nao Nao Comics Street and the latest Nao Nao Comics Village. Featuring relatable and interesting stories, all three series aim to stimulate children’s imagination, while inculcating important moral values as readers follow Nao Nao on his exciting adventures. This approach makes the learning of the Chinese language fun and exciting!


闹闹漫画乐园 Nao Nao Comics

Nao Nao Comics

闹闹漫画乐园1 Nao Nao Comics 1 - ISBN: 9789814661485
闹闹漫画乐园2 Nao Nao Comics 2 - ISBN: 9789814661492
闹闹漫画乐园3 Nao Nao Comics 3 - ISBN: 9789814661508
闹闹漫画乐园4 Nao Nao Comics 4 - ISBN: 9789814661515
闹闹漫画乐园5 Nao Nao Comics 5 - ISBN: 9789814661522

闹闹漫画街 Nao Nao Comics Street

Nao Nao Comics Street

《闹闹漫画街》1 Nao Nao Comics Street 1 - ISBN: 9789813168640
《闹闹漫画街》2 Nao Nao Comics Street 2 - ISBN: 9789813168657 
《闹闹漫画街》3 Nao Nao Comics Street 3 - ISBN: 9789813168664
《闹闹漫画街》4 Nao Nao Comics Street 4 - ISBN: 9789813168671

闹闹漫画村 Nao Nao Comics Village
Nao Nao Comics Village

《闹闹漫画村》1 Nao Nao Comics Village Book 1 - ISBN: 9789814851756
《闹闹漫画村》2 Nao Nao Comics Village Book 2 - ISBN: 9789814851763
《闹闹漫画村》3 Nao Nao Comics Village Book 3 - ISBN: 9789814851770

YEAH! Chinese Idioms
《3胞成语乐园》YEAH! Chinese Idioms

YEAH! Chinese Idioms focuses on a group of triplets, “Xin Xin”, “Jia Jia” and “Po Po”, and pupils get to learn new idioms as they read about the triplets’ fun and fascinating encounters. There are two books in this series, and each book features a total of 50 commonly-used idioms that pupils are required to learn in Primary school. To facilitate pupils to have a better understanding of each idiom, definitions are provided in both English and Chinese. In addition, sample sentences detailing how each idiom can be used are included for easier comprehension.


《3胞成语乐园》1 YEAH! Chinese Idioms Book 1 - ISBN: 9789814851633
《3胞成语乐园》2 YEAH! Chinese Idioms Book 2 - ISBN: 9789814851640


Le Le Brainwave
《乐乐计转弯》Le Le Brainwave Comics

Le Le Brainwave Comics is our latest Chinese comic series which weaves the learning of mathematics seamlessly into its exciting stories. Based on the everyday lives of Le Le and his family, children can solve maths questions and engage in hands-on activities (e.g. origami) as they read the comics. With a total of 3 main stories in each book, questions to prompt the readers to solve maths questions (想一想) and solutions (灵机一动) to help them in their learning will be available for each story. Similarly, a Chinese-English vocabulary list will be included to deepen the learning of Chinese key words.




乐乐计转弯1 Le Le Brainwave Comics 1 - ISBN: 9789814823029
乐乐计转弯2 Le Le Brainwave Comics 2 - ISBN: 9789814825504
乐乐计转弯3 Le Le Brainwave Comics 3 - ISBN: 9789814861847

Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Primary)
老夫子《欢乐成语》(小学版)Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Primary)

Let Old Master Q interest pupils in picking up Chinese idioms, which can be a boon in writing, especially when they use them aptly and creatively. Each book features a collection of 100 carefully curated Chinese idioms with witty depictions to tickle your funny bone. This curated collection consists of common everyday idioms, some of which are widely used in Primary Chinese textbooks, Huanle Huoban. Accurate and concise English explanations are included to help pupils to understand these idioms with ease. To further reinforce pupils’ understanding of the idioms, sample sentences are
provided in the books as well.

本系列每本共有100条华文课本里及生活中的常用成语。 漫画内容生活化,容易引起学生共鸣,方便加强对成语的理 解和应用。每则漫画都讲述了小人物的故事,通过人物的喜怒哀乐,学生可观察和体会生活,积累写作素材,并提高思考和写作能力。本书提供最简单和准确的英语解释,让学生一学便懂。书中也提供成语例句,帮助学生进一步巩固对成语的认识。

老夫子《欢乐成语》(小学版)1 Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Primary) Book 1 - ISBN: 9789813165403
老夫子《欢乐成语》(小学版)2 Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Primary) Book 2 - ISBN: 9789813165410
老夫子《欢乐成语》(小学版)3 Old Master Q Happy Idioms (Primary) Book 3 - ISBN: 9789813165427

Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary)
老夫子《妙语如珠》(小学版)Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary)

Following the release of popular OMQ Happy and Wacky Idioms, the latest iteration Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases presents 3 brand new titles, each comprising 100 carefully curated Chinese proverbs and phrases. As pupils indulge in the hilarious and witty OMQ comics, they learn new Chinese proverbs and phrases which are helpful in elevating the content and quality of pupils’ creative writing.


老夫子《妙语如珠》(小学版)1 Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary) Book 1 - ISBN: 9789814852807
老夫子《妙语如珠》(小学版)2 Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary) Book 2 - ISBN: 9789814852814
老夫子《妙语如珠》(小学版)3 Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary) Book 3 - ISBN: 9789814852821

Dino and Friends
《恐龙校园日记》Dino and Friends

This series presents the school life of Dino and his schoolmates in comic form. Dino is a mischievous school boy who is always getting into trouble. His diary entries tell of his adventures at school and his thoughts about them. Through this unique comic diary format, the author, aims to help pupils conquer their fear of writing a diary.


恐龙校园日记 1 Dino and Friends Book 1 - ISBN: 9789814309028
恐龙校园日记 2 Dino and Friends Book 2 - ISBN: 9789814309035
恐龙校园日记 3 Dino and Friends Book 3 - ISBN: 9789814309042
恐龙校园日记 4 Dino and Friends Book 4 - ISBN: 9789814309059
恐龙校园日记 5 Dino and Friends Book 5 - ISBN: 9789814309066
恐龙校园日记 5 Dino and Friends Book 6 - ISBN: 9789814309073

Big Bear Comics
《大灰熊系列》Big Bear Comics

Through the interactions between Big Bear and his young friends, this comic series inspires young readers by helping them learn to face challenges in school and in life. Big Bear is kind, witty and wise – he is the companion and teacher to young children, offering them guidance on problems they faced. This series consists of two books and each book is categorised into four themes: friendship, learning, everyday encounter and growing up.


大灰熊系列 1 《快乐伙伴》Big Bear Comics Book 1 - ISBN: 9789814741972
大灰熊系列 2《淘气伙伴》Big Bear Comics Book 2 - ISBN: 9789814741989

《绘本花园 • 丰果园系列》之布布系列 Bubu Picture Book Series

This picture book series is written and illustrated by well-known Singaporean author, Lee Kow Fong (also known to his readers as Ah Guo). The stories revolve around a little boy named Bubu and the interesting experiences he has. Written simply, yet meaningful and richly imaginative, these stories easily capture young readers’ interest in reading. Lively and colourful illustrations help to hone children’s picture-reading skills and inspire their creativity and imagination. This series comprises 6 books. They are recommended for children in preschool and lower primary. They are suitable reading materials for parent-child story reading and classroom reading too.


布布爱上动物园 Bubu Loves Going To The Zoo - ISBN: 9789812857873
布布有个大问题 Bubu Has A Big Problem - ISBN: 9789812859105
布布想要养宠物 Bubu Wants To Keep A Pet - ISBN: 9789812859112
布布鼻子不见了 Bubu Lost His Nose - ISBN: 9789810126025
布布找到好朋友 Bubu Found His Good Friend - ISBN: 9789810126032
布布遇见蓝大兔 Bubu Meets Giant Rabbit - ISBN: 9789810126049

Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book Series
《绘本花园 • 椰子系列》之趣味成语绘本 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book Series

This picture book series is written and illustrated by renowned Singaporean author, Low Joo Hong (also known to his readers as Ye Zi). It comprises 5 books, each book is an innovative retelling of a Chinese idiom story that children are familiar with. Through imaginative storylines, attractive illustrations and adorable animal characters, young readers learn about the meaning of the idioms and themes, such as friendship and care for our environment. The books also include fun games that children can enjoy while


趣味成语绘本1 - 此地无肉三百两 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book 1 - ISBN: 9789812859129
趣味成语绘本2 - 守猪待兔 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book 2 - ISBN: 9789812859136
趣味成语绘本3 - 树上君子 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book 3 - ISBN: 9789812859143
趣味成语绘本4 - 狼假兽威 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book 4 - ISBN: 9789810125837
趣味成语绘本5 - 有熊自远方来 Chinese Idiom Stories Picture Book 5 - ISBN: 9789810125844

《新现代学生心态写真系列》1 - 3 New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series 1- 3

These three series are a continuation of The Stories of Nao Nao, a character well-known to young readers. This original collection, The Stories of Nao Nao was selected by the Ministry of Education, Singapore as one of the 20 suggested reading materials for Primary School pupils. It has won a Highly Commended Award at the National Book Award in Young People’s Literature and was also made into a children’s television drama series. New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series 1 – 3 bring more interesting stories and happenings of Nao Nao to young readers.

New features include:

  • Hanyu Pinyin for difficult words to aid in reading the story.
  • Funny and interesting stories with messages on core values.
  • Content based on real-life situations which pupils can easily relate to.


  • 难懂字词皆附上汉语拼音,帮助小朋友阅读。 • 通过逗趣的内容,传达正确的价值观,寓教于乐。
  • 故事内容贴近小朋友的日常生活,容易引起共鸣。

New Portraits of the Modern Day Student 1
系列一 Series 1

第一本闹闹是班长 Modern Day Student Series 1 Book 1 - ISBN: 9789971011871
第二本闹闹说谎话 Modern Day Student Series 1 Book 2 - ISBN: 9789812422118
第三本闹闹的假期 Modern Day Student Series 1 Book 3 - ISBN: 9789812522207
第四本闹闹拔牙记 Modern Day Student Series 1 Book 4 - ISBN: 9789812730404
第五本闹闹的宠物 Modern Day Student Series 1 Book 5 - ISBN: 9789812733184

New Portraits of the Modern Day Student 2

系列二 Series 2

第一本闹闹这一班 Modern Day Student Series 2 Book 1 - ISBN: 9789812735423
第二本闹闹是阅读王 Modern Day Student Series 2 Book 2 - ISBN: 9789812735416
第三本闹闹的课外活动 Modern Day Student Series 2 Book 3 - ISBN: 9789812735409
第四本闹闹的体能测验 Modern Day Student Series 2 Book 4 - ISBN: 9789812738370
第五本闹闹的怪病 Modern Day Student Series 2 Book 5 - ISBN: 9789812738387

New Portraits of the Modern Day Student 3
系列三 Series 3

第一本闹闹的手机 Modern Day Student Series 3 Book 1 - ISBN: 9789812805287
第二本闹闹的小发明 Modern Day Student Series 3 Book 2 - ISBN: 9789812805294
第三本闹闹与土豆 Modern Day Student Series 3 Book 3 - ISBN: 9789812858764


《皮皮系列丛书》Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi

In the Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi series, young readers journey with Pi Pi, a young and mischievous boy and his robot dog, An Ji on their exciting encounters. As pupils indulge in different stories, they learn new vocabularies and common sentence structures which sharpen their Chinese language proficiency.

主人翁皮皮是一个典型的小男生,顽皮好动的他常常闯祸,惹父母和老师生气。他的科学家爸爸为他制造了一只机器 狗—安吉,让能飞能跳、也能变出很多法宝的安吉陪着皮皮一起学习,一起成长。 《皮皮系列丛书》通 过有趣的故事情节吸引小朋友阅读,也让他们在阅读中学习新词汇和句式。皮皮每次闯祸或遇到困难时,都会学习到一些做人的道理,小朋友也会从中获益。

Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi
皮皮系列丛书1 神奇的安吉 Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi 1 - ISBN: 9789813160224
无礼球 Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi 2 - ISBN: 9789813160231
皮皮系列丛书4 考不及格 Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi 4 - ISBN: 9789813160255
皮皮系列丛书5 可恶的蛀牙虫 Amazing Adventures of Pi Pi 5 - ISBN: 9789813160262

《小学华文补充读物》第三版 Chinese Language Instructional Materials For Primary Schools (CLIPS) Supplementary Readers (Third Edition)

Adapted from earlier editions of the CLIPS Supplementary Readers series, this new edition comprises a curated collection of 39 books aligned to the latest syllabus revisions and Primary Chinese textbooks, Huanle Huoban. Adjustments were made to the vocabulary used in this graded series to better facilitate students with differing language proficiencies and learning needs. This provides teachers and parents greater flexibility in their selection of suitable readers for students. With literacy genres ranging from fables and fairytales to historical accounts and life stories, each reader concludes with open-end
questions to reinforce students’ learning. Apart from using it for classroom teaching, this set of readers is also suitable for students to conduct self-directed learning after class.


CLIPS Supplementary Readers 1
Level 1 (适合一、二年级) HSK Level 2 - 3

Level 1 Book 1 小木碗 - ISBN: 9789814824637
Level 1 Book 2 纸飞机 -  ISBN: 9789814824644
Level 1 Book 3 小亮逃学了 - ISBN: 9789814824651
Level 1 Book 4 小黄鸟学唱歌 - ISBN: 9789814824668
Level 1 Book 5 西蒂学华语 - ISBN: 9789814824675
Level 1 Book 6 做人真好 - ISBN: 9789814826112
Level 1 Book 7 飞床 - ISBN: 9789814826129
Level 1 Book 8 八哥弟弟 - ISBN: 9789814826136
Level 1 Book 9 小花猫学会交朋友 - ISBN: 9789814825320
Level 1 Book 10 不听话的甜甜 - ISBN: 9789814825337
Level 1 Book 11 书里的梦 - ISBN: 9789814825344
Level 1 Book 12 到月亮去 - ISBN: 9789814891370
Level 1 Book 13 我不要这种本事了 - ISBN: 9789814891387
Level 1 Book 14 东东和小动物 - ISBN: 9789814891394
Level 1 Book 15 我怎么能不去 - ISBN: 9789814891400

CLIPS Supplementary Readers 2

Level 2 (适合二、三年级) HSK Level 3 - 4

Level 2 Book 1 睡虫 - ISBN: 9789814824682
Level 2 Book 2 毛毛的毛病 - ISBN: 9789814824699
Level 2 Book 3 为什么不可以 - ISBN: 9789814824705
Level 2 Book 4 我们玩具真有用 - ISBN: 9789814824712
Level 2 Book 5 穿衣镜 - ISBN: 9789814824729
Level 2 Book 6 爱美的蝴蝶 - ISBN: 9789814825986
Level 2 Book 7 跑吧!原子鞋 - ISBN: 9789814825993
Level 2 Book 8 勇敢的飞鱼 - ISBN: 9789814826006
Level 2 Book 9 爱玩的心 - ISBN: 9789814825290
Level 2 Book 10 大闹养鸡场 - ISBN: 9789814825306
Level 2 Book 11 香香的梦 - ISBN: 9789814825313
Level 2 Book 12 亮亮变瘦了 - ISBN: 9789814891417
Level 2 Book 13 以后我不敢了  ISBN: 9789814891424

CLIPS Supplementary Readers 3
Level 3 (适合三、四年级) HSK Level 4

Level 3 Book 1 卫立变了 - ISBN: 9789814824736
Level 3 Book 2 动物明星 - ISBN: 9789814824743
Level 3 Book 3 鱼医生 - ISBN: 9789814824750
Level 3 Book 4 小水滴怎么了?- ISBN: 9789814824767
Level 3 Book 5 不开心的小白狗 - ISBN: 9789814824774
Level 3 Book 6 动物村的喇叭手 - ISBN: 9789814826082
Level 3 Book 7 数学盒子 - ISBN: 9789814826099
Level 3 Book 8 石光学乖了 - ISBN: 9789814826105
Level 3 Book 9 我要当太空飞行员 - ISBN: 9789814825351
Level 3 Book 10 蓝色杀人蚁 - ISBN: 9789814891431
Level 3 Book 11 老虎和小孩 - ISBN: 9789814891448

CLIPS Supplementary Readers 4
Level 4 (适合四、五年级) HSK Level 4

Level 4 Book 1 神奇的帽子 - ISBN: 9789814824781
Level 4 Book 2 谁偷了国王的黄金 - ISBN: 9789814824798
Level 4 Book 3 变成了机器人 - ISBN: 9789814824804
Level 4 Book 4 敌人没什么可怕 - ISBN: 9789814824811
Level 4 Book 5 神秘的鸟语 - ISBN: 9789814824828
Level 4 Book 6 谁偷了小铁钉 -ISBN: 9789814825566
Level 4 Book 7 孙悟空除妖 - ISBN: 9789814825573
Level 4 Book 8 机器人阿铁 - ISBN: 9789814825580
Level 4 Book 9 失踪之谜 - ISBN: 9789814891455 
Level 4 Book 10 爸爸的秘密 ISBN: 9789814891462
Level 4 Book 11 狼头人 - ISBN: 9789814891479

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