365 Daily Maths Workout 

365 Daily Maths Workout (NEW)

Pupils can go on “auto-pilot” with 365 Daily Maths Workout! Practices are bite-sized and sustainable for the long run. Each exercise is assigned to a day in the year with the flexibility to start at any point of the year. The questions in the book serve as a good revision to reinforce concepts as they are closely linked to topics found in My Pals Are Here series. In solving the problems, pupils are exposed to a wide spectrum of skills ranging from basic such as “comparing” at lower levels to “analyzing” and reasoning at the upper levels.

365 Daily Workout Maths Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814890410
365 Daily Workout Maths Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814890427

Times Tables Practice Book
Times Tables Practice Book

Times Tables Practice Book makes learning and memorising multiplication tables fun and easy! Filled with colourful scenes set in different lands, this book provides pupils with a variety of fun activities that engage them in repeated multiplication work. Simple tasks to help pupils relate maths and multiplication to real-life situations are also provided. Completing the activities in this book will help pupils commit the multiplication tables to memory, and build their foundation for word problems involving multiplication.

Times Tables Practice Book Grade 1 - ISBN: 9789814826846

Ready for Exam Maths

Ready for Exams Maths

This series facilitates focused and targeted revision with the use of a self-evaluation checklist that is provided at the end of each topical exercise. This checklist, which comprises the different Learning Outcomes (LO), helps pupils identify the LO which pupils need more help with and the LO which they have achieved. Each question is tagged to a specific LO and the total scores for the respective LO will indicate pupils’ strengths or weaknesses. Once weaknesses are identified, pupils can re-visit specific worked examples that are tagged to the respective LO. Specific follow-up actions based on pupils’ total score for each topical exercise are included to help pupils overcome weaknesses and develop strengths. This book also provides exposure to exam-type questions that develops exam readiness and confidence in each exercise. This series is aligned to the 2015 – 2018 Primary 3 – 6 Maths syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Ready for Exams Maths Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789813166363
Ready for Exams Maths Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789813166370
Ready for Exams Maths Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789813166387
Ready for Exams Maths Primary 6 - ISBN: 9789813166394

Steps to Mastery Maths Series
Steps to Mastery Maths Series

This series of Primary 1 to 6 books is aimed at helping pupils develop mastery of concepts based on topics, and across all question types and all difficulty levels. Pupils are given the opportunity to progress from the easier, basic questions in order to build their competency level. Having a three-level difficulty approach ensures that pupils develop confidence by practising the Level 1 questions first, and then progressively achieve mastery through questions that require a higher level of application in Level 3. Pupils are also exposed to all the different question types (Multiple-choice, Open-ended and Long Answer) that are found in the school exams and the PSLE paper, thus increasing their confidence in answering exam questions. As compared with other books that contain challenging questions, this series provides practice material that bridges the gap and allows pupils to strengthen their conceptual understanding before they attempt challenging questions right away.

Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814883061
Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789814883054
Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814883047
Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814879033
Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789814862912
Steps to Mastery Maths Primary 6 - ISBN: 9789814879040

Problem-solving with Heuristics
Problem-solving with Heuristics

Categorised according to the heuristics taught in each chapter, this series states clearly the conditions in which pupils can use each heuristic to solve problems. Pupils hone their thinking skills as they go through the solution to each example using the 4-step problem-solving approach. With alternative heuristics provided whenever appropriate, pupils are able to gain additional exposure in selecting the right heuristic to solve any word problem.

Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814661294
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789814661300
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814661317
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814661324
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 5A - ISBN: 9789814661331
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 5B - ISBN: 9789814661454
Problem-solving with Heuristics Primary 6 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813166103

Maths Problems Made Easy
Maths Problems Made Easy

Maths Problems Made Easy is a problem-solving series that helps pupils excel in non-routine problems by dissecting each concept and taking pupils through the thinking process of solving a wide variety of problems. Unlike the usual practice of using a problem sum to teach a concept, each lesson is scaffolded so that pupils achieve mastery of skills before moving on to conceptual development.

Each lesson consists of:

Experiential lessons develop prior skills needed to allow pupils to learn with ease. The focus is to help pupils experience the development of these skills one step at a time without the need to solve a problem.

Non-routine problems to expose pupils to different types of problems related to the same topic.

A Higher-order Thinking problems to expand pupils’ thinking and extend concept application to novel situations.

Interactive lessons to allow pupils the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

This series is available for Primary 4 to Primary 6.

Maths Problems Made Easy P4 - ISBN: 9789814572583

Count Down to Primary Maths Exams

Count Down to Primary Maths Exams

This series provides pupils with comprehensive practice to prepare them for the maths tests and exams. There are eight sets of practice exam papers in the Primary 3 to Primary 6 books, and seven topical practice papers and three final assessment practice papers in the Primary 1 and 2 books. Each practice paper comprises the latest type of examination questions that have been appearing in recent years and questions that require the combination of concept application and logical thinking. Getting pupils to practise with full papers helps them to gauge their knowledge and time management skills under simulated examination conditions, thus allowing better understanding and improvement of their exam readiness.

Count Down to Primary Maths Exams Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814824149
Count Down to Primary Maths  Exams Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789814824156
Count Down to Primary Maths  Exams Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789813166028
Count Down to Primary Maths  Exams Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789813166035
Count Down to Primary Maths  Exams Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789813166042
Count Down to PSLE Maths - ISBN: 9789813166059

My Pals Are Here! PSLE Maths (2nd Edition)
My Pals Are Here! PSLE Maths (2nd Edition)

Tips and revision notes on the learning objectives in Let’s Recap! help pupils recall all concepts learnt. Links to the My Pals Are Here! Pupil’s books ensure that pupils know where to refer to for more detailed explanations or to make connections to concepts learnt in the earlier levels. These ensure exam-readiness with thorough coverage. The section on PSLE Prep: Challenge Yourself! at the end of each unit allows pupils to practise thinking out-of-the-box when solving challenging problems. To complement this, an entire section that develops pupils' problem-solving strategies is dedicated to the use of different heuristics accompanied by detailed step-by-step worked examples. Pupils can carry out self-ssessment at the end of every unit and at the end of the book with specimen exam papers following the latest PSLE format. 

My Pals Are Here! PSLE Maths (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813166417

Maths Examiners’ Secrets Revealed
Maths Examiners’ Secrets Revealed

Maths Examiners’ Secrets Revealed provides answers to questions most often asked about the maths exam paper. By using this book, pupils will discover how they can obtain full-mark answers and develop the confidence to succeed in their math exam. For every topic, the ‘Let Me Show You!’ section provides an insight into how an examiner would award method and answer marks for the solution in each question. In the ‘Let’s Do It! section, pupils are given the opportunity to assess the working of a solution. Pupils get to apply what they have learnt in the first two sections in the ‘Let’s Practise! section of the topic. This book is aligned to the 2018 Primary Maths syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and adheres to the 2018 PSLE Maths format.

Primary 5 Maths Examiners’ Secrets Revealed - ISBN: 9789813169531
Primary 6 Maths Examiners’ Secrets Revealed - ISBN: 9789813169548

Solve Challenging Maths Problems with Ease 

Solve Challenging Maths Problems with Ease

Solving challenging maths problems can be very frustrating to pupils, even when they use heuristics and
other strategies to tackle the problems. This book equips pupils with a comprehensive range of approaches to solve a wide variety of challenging problems. These approaches are presented in a step-by-step manner that is easy to understand and apply.

The comprehensive explanations make use of real-life situations, and the worked examples cover all the different types of questions that pupils will encounter in exams. Pupils will be able to learn each approach independently, and develop their problem solving skills progressively as they start practising with moderate level problems and move on to challenging, non-routine problems.

Solve Challenging Maths Problems with Ease - ISBN: 9789814826495 

Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom

Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom

This series is written by a member of the author team of My Pals are Here! Maths series and aligns to the latest mathematics syllabus by Ministry of Education, Singapore. It is well-received in schools as a supplementary resource to teach specific concepts and skills required for problem-solving. It also includes the following to guide pupils to use the right heuristic to solve each problem they encounter:

  • Wide range of fully worked examples to demonstrate how questions can be categorised, and how each group of questions can be solved using selected heuristic(s) with the four-step problem-solving approach
  • Parallel practice questions that vary in difficulty level to reinforce what they have learnt, and encourage progressive learning
  • Teaching tips to guide pupils when they encounter difficulty

Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789810118624
Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789810195915
Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814736244
Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814736251
Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789814736268
Problem Solving Beyond the Classroom Primary 6 - ISBN: 9789814736275

Visible Thinking in Mathematics 1
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 2

Visible Thinking in Mathematics

Designed to help pupils think aloud, Visible Thinking in Mathematics provides pupils with opportunities to explore and reflect. When pupils are conscious about their thoughts and how they learn concepts and skills, they cultivate the good habit of checking their work thoroughly and ensure an accurate response.

This series:

  • Hones pupils’ critical and creative thinking skills through functional questions in Thinking routines
  • Helps pupils understand, and retain concepts and skills better. This is done by highlighting to them
    (i) differences between similarly phrased questions and
    (ii) mathematical problems with same context but different keywords
  • Provides pupils with relevant practices for reinforcement and consolidation of what they have learn
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 1A - ISBN: 9789810196813
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 1B - ISBN: 9789810196820
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 2A - ISBN: 9789810196837
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 2B - ISBN: 9789810196844
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 3A - ISBN: 9789810196837
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 3B - ISBN: 9789810196868
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 4A - ISBN: 9789814736282
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 4B - ISBN: 9789814736299
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 5A - ISBN: 9789814736305
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 5B - ISBN: 9789814736312
Visible Thinking in Mathematics 6 - ISBN: 9789814736329

My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice

Closely aligned to My Pals are Here! Maths (3rd Edition) Pupil’s Books, the My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice books are perfect supplementary materials to the series. Pupils develop a strong mathematics foundation using this series, especially with the following:

  • Concise notes with worked examples for quick revision and recapitulation of concepts and skills
  • Extensive range of parallel questions for practice, reinforcement and achieving fluency in what they have learnt

My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 1 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814661232
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 2 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814661249
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 3 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814661256
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 4 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814661263
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 5 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814661270
My Pals are Here! Maths Extra Practice Primary 6 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813166103


Written by a member of author team of My Pals are Here! Maths series, Mightymatics helps pupils strengthen their mastery of concepts and delve deeper into each topic. Each unit is systematically structured and pupils achieve proficiency in Mathematics through these 3 sections:

  •  What You Must Know includes worked examples for pupils to strengthen their conceptual understanding. Pupils also build confidence through practice on multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
  • Apply What You Know provides ample opportunities for pupils to solve word problems and guidance on how they may do so through a four-step problem-solving approach.
  • Extend What You Know consists of challenging word problems to encourage deeper learning and stretch pupils’ thinking.

Pupils also develop exam-readiness with exam-style questions and a Revision Paper.

Mightymatics Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814426930
Mightymatics Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789814426947
Mightymatics Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814426954
Mightymatics Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814426961
Mightymatics Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789814426978
Mightymatics Primary 6 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813164833

Shaping Maths Maths Builder (2nd Edition)

Shaping Maths Maths Builder (2nd Edition)

With units corresponding to the Coursebooks and Activity Books of Shaping Maths (2nd Edition) series, these books for the lower primary are conceptualised as ideal companions for pupils to achieve fluency in application of concepts and skills. Consisting of Topical Practices and Self Tests, these books help pupils develop a strong mathematics foundation in the following ways:

  • Encourage pupils to complete practices and tests by intermingling questions, including challenging problems, of different concept, skill and difficulty level
  • Aid pupils in consolidating and revisiting what they have learnt in earlier practices through frequent tests

Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 1A (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810119263
Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 1B (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810119270
Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 2A (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810197186
Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 2B (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810197193
Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 3A (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810198749
Shaping Maths Maths Builder Primary 3B (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789810198756

Word Problems Practise and Score
Word Problems Practise and Score

Word Problems: Practise and Score is structured to provide pupils the guidance to master word problems. First, worked examples are categorised into three difficulty levels. Next, practice questions that ensue then provide pupils with opportunities to immediately apply what they have learnt from the examples. Lastly, exam-style word problems in revision exercises facilitate pupils in consolidating what they have learnt and help them build confidence for examinations.

Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 1 - ISBN: 9789814443913
Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 2 - ISBN: 9789814443920
Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 3 - ISBN: 9789814443937
Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 4 - ISBN: 9789814443944
Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 5 - ISBN: 9789814443951
Word Problems: Practise and Score Primary 6 - ISBN: 9789814443968

Teaching to Mastery Mathematics
Teaching to Mastery Mathematics

This series is written for educators who are keen to learn more about the various pedagogies involved in the teaching of some topics in Mathematics. Backed by research studies, this series includes tasks to help educators link content to pedagogies. Consistent with the philosophy of authentic professional learning, educators are guided to learn through scrutinizing their pupils’ work and observing how they work. Educators will find these useful to develop children’s understanding in the different Mathematics topics.

Bar Modeling - A Problem-solving Tool  - ISBN: 9789810168681
Teaching of Whole Numbers - ISBN: 9789810116736
Teaching of Fractions - ISBN: 9789810117757
Teaching of Decimals - ISBN: 9789810195908
Teaching of Proportional Reasoning - ISBN: 9789810198763

The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics
The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics

Singapore has consistently achieved high rankings in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). One contributing factor to the nation’s success in Mathematics education is the implementation of the Model Method in its primary Mathematics curriculum about twenty years ago.

Co-published with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics gives a broader and deeper understanding on the effectiveness of the Model Method as a learning and problem-solving tool.

The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics - ISBN: 9789812806604

Mathematics PSLE Revision Guide (3rd Edition)
Mathematics PSLE Revision Guide (3rd Edition)

Comprehensive notes covering all topics are provided for quick, systematic and thorough revision to
help pupils revisit concepts learnt through topical revisions papers. Pupils get to think out of the box
and use higher-order thinking skills such as reasoning and logical deduction in a section dedicated to
solving heuristics-based and in on-routine questions.

Two specimen papers, based on the latest PSLE format, provide opportunities for self-assessment and
development of exam rigour. This book is aligned to the 2018 Primary Maths syllabus by the Ministry
of Education, Singapore, and adheres to the 2018 PSLE Maths format.

Mathematics PSLE Revision Guide (3rd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813166400

Must-Have Techniques to Solve Maths Problems
Must-Have Techniques to Solve Maths Problems

Challenging problems often carry the highest number of marks in maths exams. Being able to solve the challenging problems will help pupils attain an overall high score. Must-Have Techniques to Solve Maths Problems exposes pupils to the different types of problems related to each maths concept, and provides
ample opportunities for pupils to apply specific techniques to solve the problems.

Pupils’ confidence is developed as they apply the techniques to solve problems that are organised in three difficulty levels – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each question in Level 1 has a parallel question in Level 2 and Level 3. Pupils apply the same technique to the questions in Level 2 and Level 3 but at a higher complexity, facilitated by the hints provided.

Must-Have Techniques to Solve Maths Problems - ISBN: 9789814826464
Must-Have Techniques to Solve PSLE Maths Problems - ISBN: 9789814826457

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