PSLE Science Examiners’ Secrets Revealed
PSLE Science Examiners’ Secrets Revealed

What are the examiners looking for in my answer? How do I get full marks for each answer? Using this book, the above questions can now be answered. Pupils can now learn, based on common answers, how marks are awarded in exams and the rationale behind it. The book also provides pupils an opportunity to assess and award marks to common answers, and practice questions to hone their answering techniques. Equipped with this new-found knowledge, pupils can now craft full-mark answers and develop exam-confidence.

PSLE Science Examiners’ Secrets Revealed - ISBN: 9789813168688

Get Your Concepts Right Science
Get Your Concepts Right Science

Common science misconceptions are highlighted through the use of comics and clarified with explanations. Practice questions provide pupils with the opportunity to check, reinforce, and apply what they have learnt. Exam-type questions provide practice for further reinforcement and assessment of understanding.

Get Your Concepts Right Primary 3 & 4 Science - ISBN: 9789814433907
Get Your Concepts Right Primary 5 & 6 Science - ISBN: 9789814433914

Graphs and Data-based Questions in Primary Science
Graphs and Data-based Questions in Primary Science

This book aims to build confidence in pupils for graph and data-based questions which regularly appear in science examination papers. It also helps pupils to interpret data before applying their scientific knowledge and process skills. Over 150 exam-type questions with detailed answers are provided to encourage independent learning for pupils to practise and gain mastery over these types of questions.

Graphs and Data-based Questions in Primary Science - ISBN: 9789810118723

Count Down to PSLE Science
Count Down to PSLE Science

Written by the author of best-selling title Science PSLE Revision Guide, the new Count Down to PSLE Science series aims to develop exam rigour and confidence through intensive practice. Comprising practice papers per book, each paper provides drill-and-practice across the following themes:

  •  Diversity
  • Systems
  • Cycles
  • Energy
  • Interactions

A 30-day planner and answer keys are also provided to facilitate self-paced revision to
prepare students for the high-stake PSLE examination.

Latest PSLE-style Open-ended Questions Science
Latest PSLE-style Open-ended Questions Science

As the PSLE science exam moves towards more open-ended styled questions, pupils are tested on their understanding of science concepts through the context of real-life applications and investigations. This book is designed to build confidence in answering open-ended questions, so that pupils can effectively apply concepts to the given scenario, provide explanations, or suggest solutions to problems presented in the questions. Answer key provided includes notes on the concept tested in each question, helping students to recall and relate back to what they have learnt.

Latest PSLE-style Open-ended Questions Science - ISBN: 9789813167094

My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA
My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA

My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA offers an effective consolidation of what pupils have learnt as they work through the tests. It assesses and reinforces pupils’ level of knowledge, the understanding of concepts, and allows them ample opportunity to practise and fine-tune application and process skills. As the PSLE moves towards a greater focus on open-ended styled questions, this book also aims to provide more exposure to such question type. Tests are available topically, thematically, and inter-thematically, together with a wide variety of difficulty levels, to ensure adequate preparation for examinations.

My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA - ISBN: 9789813169678
My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA - ISBN: 9789814825948

Ready For Exams Science 

Ready For Exams Science

Ready For Exams Science series helps pupils to overcome weaknesses and develop strength, which in turn, helps to develop exam readiness. The books are designed to facilitate focused and targeted revision by tagging comprehensive notes to learning objectives for handy assessment and review. Checklists, mark allocations and evaluation rubrics are included for clear indication of the areas that need working on. Questions in the books are also aligned to the PSLE assessment objectives and exam-styled to better emulate PSLE science question types.

Ready For Exams Science P3&4 A - ISBN: 9789814852784
Ready For Exams Science P3&4 B - ISBN: 9789814852791
Ready For Exams Science P5&6 A - ISBN: 9789813166684
Ready For Exams Science P5&6 B - ISBN: 9789814852654

RACE to Better Scores Science
RACE to Better Scores Science

This series empowers pupils with strategies to answer different types of questions more effectively through the R.A.C.E. technique. Topical and thematic papers provide ample opportunities for pupils
to practise the R.A.C.E. technique, building up their confidence in answering science free response questions.

  • Read actively
  • Analyse
  • Choose / construct
  • Evaluate

Race to Better Scores Science Primary 3&4 - ISBN: 9789814741668
Race to Better Scores Science Primary 5&6 - ISBN: 9789814741675

Science PSLE Revision & Examination Papers (4th Edition)
Science PSLE Revision & Examination Papers (4th Edition)

This book is designed to help pupils apply their knowledge of science concepts, as well as skills and processes, to examination-type questions in preparation for the PSLE. The book builds pupils’ examination confidence by explaining the strategies for answering science questions and offering ample practice through the Revision and Examination papers. The Revision and Examination papers are perforated and the Optical Answer Sheets are provided to simulate actual examination conditions.

Science PSLE Revision & Examination Papers (4th Edition) - ISBN: 9789814684392

Apply & Score Mastering Context-based Questions in Primary Science
Apply & Score: Mastering Context-based Questions in Primary Science

This series focuses on developing the critical science process skills required to answer context-based questions. It serves as an essential tool to expose pupils to Science in real-life situations and builds confidence in answering such questions.

Key features of this book include:

  • Process skills listing in each question to help students identify the skills covered and required.
  • Detailed marking scheme to highlight keywords and facilitate learning.

Apply and Score: Mastering Context-based Questions in Primary Science - ISBN: 9789814433891

Primary Science Revision Essentials
Primary Science Revision Essentials

These two-book study guides are designed to prepare pupils for school examinations. They contain multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions that will help build exam confidence in pupils. These books cover five themes: Cycles, Diversity, Systems, Interactions and Energy for Primary 3 & 4, and four themes: Cycles, Systems, Energy and Interactions for Primary 5 & 6 as specified in the latest Primary Science syllabus. A self-monitoring feature is included to help pupils develop a structure when answering open ended questions. Topical and thematic test papers are also included for assessment and revision.

Primary Science Revision Essentials Primary 3 & 4 Book A - ISBN: 9789810195939
Primary Science Revision Essentials Primary 3 & 4 Book B - ISBN: 9789810195946
Primary Science Revision Essentials Primary 5 & 6 Book A (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814736404
Primary Science Revision Essentials Primary 5 & 6 Book B (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814736411

Science of Success
Science of Success

This series is designed to help pupils build a strong foundation in science in order to excel in their science examinations. The content is organised in an interactive manner to develop critical thinking
about the scientific aspects of the pupils’ environment. Effective learning in science can be achieved with the following areas:

  • Strong factual knowledge: The Factual Study section requires pupils to complete sentences on important facts with helping words. This exercise helps pupils recall and remember key words.
  • In-depth conceptual understanding: The Concept Application section challenges pupils to form preliminary hypotheses on scientific claims before verifying with the correct scientific concepts.
  • Precise answering skills: The Process Skills section allows pupils to practise answering open-ended questions using relevant process skills. Suggested answers are provided to demonstrate how the content can be presented in concise sentences.
Science of Success Primary 3 & 4 - ISBN: 9789810195960
Science of Success Primary 5 & 6 - ISBN: 9789814426909

Science Practice
Science Practice

This series is designed to be used as a revision and assessment companion for pupils to build and test their understanding of science concepts and process skills progressively, preparing them for the school examinations:

  • Topical test papers with questions of varying difficulty are designed to test pupils on the application and process skills.
  • Thematic test papers enable pupils to consolidate their understanding of the key concepts learnt in each theme.
  • Mock examination papers in the Primary 5 & 6 book allow pupils to be exposed to challenges posed in examinations, building their confidence level and preparing them for the final examination.
  • Detailed explanations for multiple-choice questions are available
    in the answer key to help pupils clarify misconceptions.

Science Practice Primary 3 & 4 (Revised Edition) - ISBN: 9789810195977
Science Practice Primary 5 & 6 (3rd edition) - ISBN: 9789813166653

Step Ahead with Science
Step Ahead with Science

Filled with fun activities and more than 300 colourful illustrations and photos, this book is designed to sharpen a child’s power of observation through hands-on learning activities. Through the exercises as well as the use of games, children will acquire scientific knowledge and develop a positive response towards Science. Teaching tips and suggested activities are also provided for parents or teachers to enhance the learning experience. This book is most suitable for children below the age of 8.

Step Ahead with Science - ISBN: 9789810198725

Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition)

Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition)

This book helps pupils revise quickly and effectively for examinations. The concept maps consolidate key concepts and show the relationships between them, making learning meaningful. Thematic revision notes reinforce learning with a summary of the essential concepts pupils need to know for the examinations.

Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814741965

Mini Science Encyclopedia
Mini Science Encyclopedia (8th Edition) (COMES WITH AR)

Written by an experienced Science educator, this edition of the Mini Science Encyclopedia addresses the many questions on science and the world around us and piques the interest of children to learn even more. It develops younger children’s ability to observe, question, and relate the world around them to science. It also deepens the understanding of concepts for older children by taking learning beyond the school textbook. Now, with Augmented Reality, the Mini Science Encyclopedia makes learning science even more intriguing and exciting than ever!

Mini Science Encyclopedia (8th Edition) - ISBN: 9789814825122

My Pals are Here! Science Booster (2nd Edition)
My Pals are Here! Science Booster (2nd Edition) (BEST SELLER)

Comprehensive and rich in content, this series helps to build scientific knowledge in pupils and extend learning by covering content beyond the textbook. It contains information on developments in science and technology, stunning photography, enlightening diagrams, and useful internet links. These engaging books will provide a fascinating journey of discovery for pupils.

My Pals are Here! Science Booster Volume A (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814736961
My Pals are Here! Science Booster Volume B (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814736978

Science Revision Guide
Science Revision Guide (BEST SELLER)

The Science Revision Guides are the most complete handbooks developed to consolidate pupils’ learning and prepare them for their final examinations. With over 100,000 copies sold for the 1st edition, these books are highly recommended by teachers and widely adopted in primary schools. These books help pupils develop a deeper understanding of key science concepts and guide them to master the application of process skills. The titles are adapted from the Science PSLE Revision Guide and aligned to the latest Primary Science Syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Science PSLE Revision Guide (3rd Edition) - ISBN: 9789814741477
Science Revision Guide Primary 3 & 4 - ISBN: 9789810198688
Science Revision Guide Primary 5 & 6 (2nd Edition) - ISBN: 9789813165960

Let’s Learn Science - A Handy Guide for Every Parent
Let’s Learn Science - A Handy Guide for Every Parent

Written by one of the authors of the best-selling title Science PSLE Revision Guide, this book aims to provide parents with essential information to begin the learning journey with their children. As
science is formally tested from Primary 3 onwards, many parents are concerned about assessments. Parents can guide their children through the worked examples and exam-type questions found in this
book to prepare their child for the examinations. The questions are similar to those found in the science examination.

Let’s Learn Science - A Handy Guide for Every Parent Primary 3 & 4 - ISBN: 9789810196110
Let’s Learn Science - A Must-have Guide for Every Parent Primary 5 & 6 - ISBN: 9789813169524

My Pals are Here! Science UPSIZED Home Edition
My Pals are Here! Science UPSIZED Home Edition

MORE relevant content elaboration
MORE quality exam-type questions
Added within the scope of the Singapore Primary Science curriculum, the extra content helps pupils solidify the understanding of concepts and provide ample practice for examinations. With Answer Key that addresses in-book questions as well as practice questions with mark allocation, the UPSIZED series is well-suited for self-directed, independent revision.

My Pals are Here! Science 3 & 4 UPSIZED Home Edition - ISBN: 9789814852944
My Pals are Here! Science 5 & 6 UPSIZED Home Edition - ISBN: 9789814852951

Levelled Practice Primary Science
Levelled Practice Primary Science

This series aims to boost exam confidence and strengthen conceptual understanding to prepare pupils for school exams and PSLE. It covers all themes and topics from Primary 3 to 6 where the questions are arranged in two distinct levels of difficulty in a progressive manner to develop pupils’ competency. Explanation for answers to the MCQ is provided to clarify misconceptions and enhance conceptual understanding. Each chapter includes clear PSLE assessment objectives so pupils can be aware of the
expectations of PSLE. This series also encourages self-directed learning by providing a checklist after each theme, allowing pupils to track their progress across the levels.

Levelled Practice Primary 3&4 - ISBN: 9789814879910
Levelled Practice Primary 5&6 - ISBN: 9789814879927

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