English Compositions Writing Guide for O-Level
English Compositions: Writing Guide for O-Level

Focusing on two key aspects of writing, this series helps students to improve competency in English and confidence in tackling composition writing assignments. Diligent practice using this two-book series will strengthen the content of students’ writing and sharpen their language skills, developing them to become skilled writers. The books are packed with various features, such as examples and explanations, infographics, and exercises that help clarify, relate, and reinforce concepts and skills learnt from this series. Online resources are also available for download.

Book A focuses on content:

  • Learn to write various composition types, including short stories
  • Annotated model composition and composition outlines to kick-start writing
  • Provides clear and practical instructions on content-building and idea generation

Book B focuses on language:

  • Learn to write concise, effective sentences and paragraphs
  • Analyses common errors and how to avoid them
  • Discover elements of great compositions
English Compositions: Writing Guide for O-Level Book A
ISBN: 9789813165113

English Compositions: Writing Guide for O-Level Book B
ISBN: 9789813165120

Read Smart to Write Well

Read Smart to Write Well

Read Smart to Write Well brings powerful strategies together to help students write confidently for each topic that is being presented. Meant for use either in the classroom or at home, it is a title that is appreciated by students who strive to become better writers. It features annotations that help with comprehension and building students’ vocabulary. In addition, it offers writing tips, question analysis, and model essays that provide guidance for students’ writing and three carefully crafted essay questions based on each topic for additional practices.

Read Smart to Write Well: Lower Secondary English
ISBN: 9789814824842

Read Smart to Write Well: Upper Secondary English
ISBN: 9789814684002

Distinction in English Grammar for Reference and Practice
Distinction in English: Grammar for Reference and Practice

An essential grammar resource for reference and practice, this book is meant to help secondary school students master English grammar. Each unit begins with an introduction to grammar items within a context familiar to students. The notes provided are comprehensive which highlight grammatical rules and structures. The examples given illustrate the grammar items used. There are also practice exercises throughout each unit. Also included are grammar editing exercises which follow the format of the O-Level grammar editing questions found in Section A of the English Language Paper 1. The exercises provide ample opportunities for students to revise and consolidate their understanding of the grammar skills learnt.

Distinction in English: Grammar for Reference and Practice
ISBN: 9789813168459

Just Write Composition Guide

Just Write Composition Guide

This two book series is a handy guide for writing great expository, argumentative, descriptive and narrative essays.

It teaches students how to:

  • Analyse question requirements, uncover assumptions and examine implications
  • Identify purpose, audience, tone and perspective that is appropriate for their essays
  • Write strong hooks, transit systematically from paragraphs and develop a thesis statement
  • Organise ideas coherently
  • End their essays with maximum impact

Model essays by students are included in these guidebooks. They come with useful notes and suggestions by the author to help students build up on their general knowledge and critical thinking skills. The model essays cover a wide range of topics and issues that are usually typical examination titles.

Just Write Composition Guide for Lower Secondary
ISBN: 9789810197216

Just Write Composition Guide for Upper Secondary
ISBN: 9789810119232

Comprehension Strategies for Excellence
Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence (Revised Edition)

Develop competencies in understanding visual, narrative and non-narrative passages as well as summary writing skills through a wide range of reading and answering strategies with this series. With 10 practice papers, these books will be suitable for students preparing for examinations.

Key features include:

  • Strategies Section teaches reading strategies explicitly so that students know what they are expected to do when reading. Activities are provided for immediate practice
  • Practice Section provides students with adequate practice on various strategies to develop their competency and confidence
  • Progress Section allows students to record and chart their progress
  • Suggested answers and rubrics are provided for all sections

Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence Secondary 1 (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789810197254

Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence Secondary 2 (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789810197247

Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence Secondary 3 (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789810197230

Comprehension: Strategies for Excellence Secondary 4 (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789810196103

English Exam Practice
English Exam Practice

This series prepares students for their examinations with complete sets of examination papers and grammar exercises. Each practice paper is thematically linked exposing students to the text types, language features and vocabulary associated with each theme. Visual texts in different forms for each theme are also provided.

Each set of practice paper consists of:

  • Paper 1: Writing
  • Paper 2: Comprehension
  • Paper 3: Listening
  • Paper 4: Oral Communication
  • Grammar Focus
  • Answer key with guiding questions for continuous writing
  • Audio recordings for listening tasks

English Exam Practice Secondary 1 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789810170943

English Exam Practice Secondary 2 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789810170967

English Exam Practice Secondary 3 
ISBN: 9789814741484

English Exam Practice Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789814741491

Distinction in English Lower Secondary Grammar Workbook
Distinction in English: Lower Secondary Grammar Workbook

This book provides comprehensive practice for students who wish to better understand English grammar as well as improve in the fluency and accuracy of language use. The context-based exercises generate interest in students and allow them to practise grammar usage in different genres such as recounts, narratives, news reports, etc. Graded exercises help students build confidence in grammar usage.

Distinction in English: Lower Secondary Grammar Workbook
ISBN: 9789810115005

Distinction in English Comprehension 2

Distinction in English: Comprehension (2nd Edition)

This series focuses on the mastery of skills and techniques in comprehension. In addition to step-by-step guidance in summary writing, students will learn valuable strategies for mastering inferential
questions. Students will learn to analyse types of essays and summary questions and to properly draft answers. They will also build vocabulary, learning to correctly infer the meanings of unfamiliar words. In addition, they will learn to interpret and comprehend visual texts.

Distinction in English: Lower Secondary Comprehension (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789810118594

Distinction in English: ‘O’ Level Comprehension (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789810118600

Distinction in English O Level Vocabulary
Distinction in English: ‘O’ Level Vocabulary (2nd Edition)

Build a wide and varied vocabulary through the use of this resource where words and phrases are applied in context for meaningful learning. Students will benefit from the useful tips for vocabulary-building and word-formation designed to encourage application of their knowledge of new words accurately and effectively.

Distinction in English: ‘O’ Level Vocabulary (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789810115722

Distinction in English Writing
Distinction in English: Writing

This series helps students understand the steps for creating a piece of good writing. Each unit comes with writing resources and a deconstructed sample writing which includes explanations and tips. Ample practices are provided for students to write a variety of text types. This series is suitable for supervised and independent study.

Distinction in English: Lower Secondary Writing
ISBN: 9789810195953

Distinction in English: ‘O’ Level Writing
ISBN: 9789810119409

Get it Right! Grammar
Get It Right! Grammar

Grammar rules covered in this guide book series take students through basic concepts to more complex ones, ensuring that understanding and acquisition of grammar items are systematic.

It contains:

  • Practices and examples to illustrate grammatical rules
  • Topical focus for adequate coverage of syllabus
  • Concise rules written in simple English
Get it Right! Grammar Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789810177850

Get it Right! Grammar Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789810177867

Get it Right! Grammar Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789810177539

Get it Right! Grammar Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789810177522

Distinction in English Grammar Handbook

Distinction in English: Grammar Handbook

An essential grammar resource for secondary school students, this comprehensive handbook helps students master English grammar for success in the N- and O-Level Examinations. Each unit begins with an introduction to grammar items within a context familiar to students. Grammatical rules and structures are further illustrated by examples that show students the grammar item in use. Practice exercises at the end of each unit provide ample opportunities for students to revise and consolidate their understanding of the grammar skills learnt.

Distinction in English: Grammar Handbook
ISBN: 9789810113193

Grammar Supplementary for Lower Secondary (Revised Edition) 

Grammar Supplementary for Lower Secondary (Revised Edition)

Students often find themselves struggling to make sense of grammar rules. This book will help students gain a better understanding of these rules so that they will know how the language works and how to use it effectively.

Grammar Supplementary for Lower Secondary (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789812806024

The English Grammar Handbook (Revised Edition)

The English Grammar Handbook (Revised Edition)

This book helps with the learning of grammar usage to convey meaning. It covers all aspects of grammar needed for success in the N- and O-Level Examinations. It is designed primarily for use by students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5.

The English Grammar Handbook (Revised Edition)
ISBN: 9789810119751

Distinction in English: Text Editing Secondary

This series offers comprehensive practice for text editing, providing both the O- and N-Level Examination candidates a wide range of text types, in order to develop competence in English grammar, as well as exam confidence. Complete answer keys with clear and concise explanations are included to ensure students deepen their understanding and clarify doubts as they work through each practice. The content is based on the latest MOE syllabus, and is suitable for both supervised and independent study.

Express (GCE ‘O’ Level)

Text Editing Secondary Express
Text Editing Secondary Express 1
ISBN: 9789813164673

Text Editing Secondary Express 2
ISBN: 9789813164680

Text Editing Secondary Express 3
ISBN: 9789813164697

Text Editing Secondary Express 4
ISBN: 9789813164703

Normal Academic (GCE ‘N’ Level)

Text Editing Secondary NA
Text Editing Secondary Normal Academic 1
ISBN: 9789813164994

Text Editing Secondary Normal Academic 2
ISBN: 9789813165007

Text Editing Secondary Normal Academic 3
ISBN: 9789813165014

Text Editing Secondary Normal Acdemic 4
ISBN: 9789813165021

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