Secondary Chinese Email Writing
《实用文• 电邮》Secondary Chinese Email Writing (BEST SELLER)

This book guides students to be competent in the Functional Writing section in Paper 1 of the examination. Exercises in this book model the examination format and aim to equip students with the necessary skills and confidence for the examination.


实用文 • 电邮(第二版)
Secondary Chinese Email Writing (2nd Ed)
ISBN: 978983169616 

Secondary Chinese Writing

《中学作文全方位系列》Secondary Chinese Writing

These books adopt an ‘Analyse-Apply’ structural model. It provides a step-by-step guide for essay writing. Technique acquisition is integrated into the practical exercises. This series aims to identify clearly the distinctions between narrative, argumentative and expository essays. Students can
consolidate their learning through the closely-linked drills following each reading passage. The concept of mind map is also blended into the teaching of essay writing to help students build a complete working process.


Secondary Chinese Writing – Narrative
ISBN: 9789812859167 

Secondary Chinese Writing – Argumentative
ISBN: 9789812859174

Excel in Comprehension Chinese
《悦读理解 巧练达标》Excel in Comprehension

This series guides students on the types of questions commonly seen in Comprehension and the techniques to answer the questions. The exercises come in a variety of passages, in various levels of difficulty to suit students with different learning abilities. Most importantly, answer analysis is provided to help students obtain a deeper understanding of the answers.


中一 悦读理解巧练达标
Excel in Comprehension Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789814443005

中二 悦读理解巧练达标
Excel in Comprehension Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789814443012

中三 悦读理解巧练达标
Excel in Comprehension Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789814443029

中四 悦读理解巧练达标
Excel in Comprehension Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789814443036

Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage
《综合填空》Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage

This series aims to help students master five techniques used to determine the correct answers in the examination component. The answer key to each practice provides a detailed analysis based on the five techniques to enable students to learn through application. In addition, passage and paragraph summaries are provided on the side bar of the passage to facilitate reading and understanding.


综合填空 - 中一
Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789810126926

综合填空 - 中二
Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789810126933

综合填空 - 中三
Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789810126940

Higher Chinese Revision Practice
《高级华文课后复习》Higher Chinese Revision Practice

Aligned to Singapore Secondary Higher Chinese syllabus, this book reinforces classroom learning through the revision of vocabulary learnt, while building students’ language skills. Coupled with 2 revision exam papers, each book comprises 8 practices for lower secondary and 6-7 practices for upper secondary.

These revision practices are modelled after the latest GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Chinese Paper 2, which help students to be familiarised with the exam format and boost exam confidence. Notably, explanations to a new exam question type, Sentence Correction, are provided in the answer key to assist students in their self-revision.


Higher Chinese Revision Practice Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789813169630

Higher Chinese Revision Practice Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789813169647

Higher Chinese Revision Practice Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789813169654

Higher Chinese Revision Practice Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789813169661

Secondary Chinese Mock Test Papers
《中学快捷模拟试卷》Secondary Chinese Mock Test Papers

Practical guidance and exercises in this series model after the G.C.E ‘O’ Level examination format. This series equips students with the necessary skills to achieve success in the Paper 2 component of their Chinese examination.

This series provides:

  • Three model exam papers that can be used by teachers as frontal teaching tools in class or by students as a guide that provides answering techniques and methods.
  • Five sets of Paper 2 format practices for students.
  • Detailed answers that explain the allocation of marks in the comprehension component. 


中学快捷模拟试卷 - 中一
Chinese Mock Test Papers Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789810128302

中学快捷模拟试卷 - 中二
Chinese Mock Test Papers Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789810128319

中学快捷模拟试卷 - 中三
Chinese Mock Test Papers Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789810128326

中学快捷模拟试卷 - 中四
Chinese Mock Test Papers Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789810128333

Chinese Essential Practice
《中学课后综合练习》Chinese Essential Practice

These books ensure that students are familiar with the various assessment items. Each practice section is set using key vocabulary covered in the school textbooks. Revision papers are also included to help students prepare for their final examinations. Answering techniques are included to help students with specific types of open-ended questions.

本书根据最新《中学华文》(快捷课程)课本中的重点字词编写,适合在课堂或课后同步练习。题材广泛的阅读理解篇章除 了加强学生的作答能力,也扩大学生的知识面。本书出题形式为常见考查题型,两课一练,共11个练习,外加四个综合复习试卷。阅读理解二的参考答案里提供一些作答提示,书中生词也附上中英对照表。

中学课后综合练习 - 中一
Chinese Essential Practice Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789810124908

中学课后综合练习 - 中二
Chinese Essential Practice Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789810124915

中学课后综合练习 - 中三
Chinese Essential Practice Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789810124922

中学课后综合练习 - 中四
Chinese Essential Practice Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789810199418

iRead News Secondary
《爱上读报》iRead News (Secondary)

iRead News is a carefully curated series of Chinese newspaper articles sourced from Singapore’s news agencies, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Ming Daily News. Each book contains 80 articles that are suitable for secondary students’ daily reading. Each article is paired with vocabulary learning and questions to stimulate deeper understanding of the topic. Students can also scan the QR code to listen to the audio recording of each news article.



iRead News (Secondary) Book 1
ISBN: 9789814861670

iRead News (Secondary) Book 2
ISBN: 9789814861687

iRead News (Secondary) Book 3
ISBN: 9789814861694

iRead News (Secondary) Book 4
ISBN: 9789814861700

GCE O & N(A)-Level Chinese Exam Guide
《中学华文应考手册》GCE O & N(A)-Level Chinese Exam Guide

Aligned to the latest Singapore G.C.E O & N(A)-Level Chinese exam formats and syllabus, this comprehensive all-in-one guidebook covers Paper 1, Paper 2, and the Listening Comprehension component in Paper 3. Providing effective and targeted practices, this guidebook equips students with the necessary skills to master key answering techniques to succeed in their examinations.


GCE O & N(A)-Level Chinese Exam Guide
ISBN: 9789813169623

Chinese Made Super Easy
Chinese Made Super Easy (BEST SELLER)

This four-volume series contains phrases, sentences, vocabulary and idioms used in everyday conversations. Lessons are arranged in a straightforward structure, covering the essentials of Mandarin learning in progressive difficulty, in a pace suitable for learners of Chinese as a foreign language. It can be used as a self-study or supplementary materials in classroom learning.


Chinese Made Super Easy Book 1
ISBN: 9789814433969

Chinese Made Super Easy Book 2
ISBN: 9789814433976

Chinese Made Super Easy Book 3
ISBN: 9789814433983

Chinese Made Super Easy Book 4
ISBN: 9789814433990

365 Series
《365系列》365 Series

This pocket book series comes in 6 books. The books in this series demonstrate the beauty of the Chinese language with the use of clear and easily understood examples. Concise English translations are provided to help students with a lower competency level understand the meaning of the terms.


365 Chinese Sayings
ISBN: 9789812731869

365 Chinese Proverbs
ISBN: 9789812731883

365 Chinese Allegories
ISBN: 9789812858139

365 Chinese Idioms
ISBN: 9789812713223

365 Situational Chinese Idioms
ISBN: 9789812731876

365 Chinese Idioms Volume 2
ISBN: 9789810124816

Chinese Idioms Power Up
《中学成语 快 • 易 • 懂》 Chinese Idioms Power Up

The exercises in this book are designed to be bite-sized so that students can answer the questions with ease. The book is not only suitable as a lesson supplement but also builds up students’ confidence in learning new vocabulary and building a solid foundation in basic idioms.

《中学成语 快·易·懂》的每个练习精心设计,让学生不会觉得冗长,能应付自如。本书不但适合作为课堂上的辅助教材,也适合学生在自习时有把握巩固所学,增加词汇量。

中学成语 快·易·懂
Chinese Idioms Power Up
ISBN: 9789814443043

Chinese Oral Exam Guide for G.C.E. ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition)
《中学口试精编》(第二版)Chinese Oral Exam Guide for G.C.E. ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition)

This book is written based on the latest Ministry of Education, Singapore examination format. It helps boost students’ oral and thinking skills, allowing them to handle the oral exam with ease and confidence.

Features of the book include::

  • Reading Aloud component
    – 5 Reading Aloud passages, accessed via QR codes.
    – Frequently seen polyphonic and polysemous words.
    – Rules for phonetic change.
  • Video Conversation component
  • Video Conversation component
    – 8 Videos, accessed via QR codes.
    – 3 units (Policies & Measures, Phenomena and Hot topics),total of 19 topics and their sample answers.



  • 朗读技巧
    – 5个朗读篇章,通过QR码听录音
    – 常见多音多义字
    – 音变原则
  • 会话技巧
    – 8个录像供练习,通过QR码看录像
    – 3个单元(政策/措施类、现象类、话题类),共19个话题与其范例

Chinese Oral Exam Guide for GCE ‘O’ Level (2nd Edition)*
ISBN: 9789814741804

Video Clips for Secondary Chinese Oral Examination
《中学华文口试试题库》Video Clips for Secondary Chinese Oral Examination

Developed based on the latest Ministry of Education Chinese Oral examination format (2016), Video Clips for Secondary Chinese Oral Examination is a repository of original thematic videos suitable for
use in actual exams for upper and lower Secondary levels.

Features of the series include::

  •  A total of 40 videos available.
  • Categorised into themes such as policies and measures, phenomena, trending topics and etc.
  • Each video is accompanied with a set of 3 suggested questions for both the Express/Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams.



  • 供有40个录像
  • 根据不同主题分类,如政策和措施,现象和热门话题等
  • 每个视频也额外配有一组适合快捷/普通学术及普通工艺课程的三道口试题目

Video Clips for Secondary Chinese Oral Examination
ISBN: 9781099093203

Available for school adoption only.

Old Mr Q - Secondary
老夫子《成语Cool》(中学版)Old Master Q Wacky Idioms (Secondary)

Let Old Master Q interest pupils in picking up Chinese idioms, which can be a boon in writing, especially when they use them aptly and creatively. Each book features a collection of 100 carefully curated Chinese idioms with witty depictions to tickle your funny bone. This curated collection consists of common everyday idioms, some of which are widely used in Chinese textbooks. Accurate and concise English explanations are included to help pupils to understand these idioms with ease. To further reinforce pupils’ understanding of the idioms, sample sentences are provided in the books as well.

本系列每本共有100条华文课本里及生活中的常用成语。 漫画内容生活化,容易引起学生共鸣,方便加强对成语的理解和应用。每则漫画都讲述了小人物的故事,通过人物的喜怒哀乐,学生可观察和体会生活,积累写作素材,并提高思考和写作能力。本书提供最简单和准确的英语解释,让学生一学便懂。书中也提供成语例句,帮助学生进一步巩固对语的认识。

Old Master Q Wacky Idioms (Secondary) Book 1
ISBN: 9789813165465

Old Master Q Wacky Idioms (Secondary) Book 2
ISBN: 9789813165472

Old Master Q Wacky Idioms (Secondary) Book 3
ISBN: 9789813165489

Ah Boys to Men
《新兵正传》Ah Boys to Men

National Service is a rite of passage for every Singaporean Son. The protagonists are a group of boys undergoing Basic Military Training. Coming from all walks of life with vast differences in personality, they face a myriad of clashes as they live and breathe under the same roof. Yet, they build friendships as they suffer together on the same boat. While undergoing training away from their loved ones, they are faced with challenges in their personal lives too. Torn between serving the nation and tackling their personal issues, how do they toughen up and deal with the issues like real men?


新兵正传 1
Ah Boys to Men Part 1
ISBN: 9789810125981

新兵正传 2
Ah Boys to Men Part 2
ISBN: 9789810126681

新兵正传 3:蛙人传
Ah Boys to Men:Frogmen Part 3
ISBN: 9789814426695

新兵正传 4:
Ah Boys to Men: Part 4
ISBN: 9789813167988

The Lion Men
《狮神决战》The Lion Men

Written by renowned homegrown filmmaker-Jack Neo, and illustrated by local illustrator James Teo & Huang Hanwen, The Lion Men 1 & 2 are now available as comics! Continuing Jack’s style of movie-making, readers can immerse themselves in the world of the main characters and learn to find their individuality while pursuing their dreams and overcoming difficulties.


The Lion Men Part 1
ISBN: 9789810128166

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown Part 2
ISBN: 9789810128173 

Tales from the Night
新加坡草根文化《路边歌王 雷动舞台》Singapore Grassroots Culture – Wang Lei: Tales from the Night

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Wang Lei is a legendary Singaporean veteran getai singer (song stage performer). A primary school dropout and ex-gambling addict, Wang Lei’s life before getai was enveloped in darkness and hardships. But with the continuous support from his family, he made amends to his actions and worked hard to earn his place in the getai industry.

Get inspired by Wang Lei with Singapore Grassroots Culture - Wang Lei: Tales from the Night, which comprises 31 interesting stories chronicling his life as a getai veteran. Ranging from the spooky tales to comedic encounters behind the vibrant getai stage, each exciting account tells a rich and vivid local Singaporean story!

在歌台打拼了20年,王雷堪称是新加坡本土歌台的传奇人物。他一生的经历,从平凡开始。小学还没毕业,就出来社会打滚,再烂的工作都做过。渐渐地,他接触了一群赌徒,就深陷进去,不能自拔。最终是越赌越输,越输越赌。 他的人生至此,是跌到了谷底。庆幸因为家人的爱与关怀,让他重新振作。虽然辛苦,但是他用尽力气,拨开乌云,重见灿烂的美好人生。机缘巧合下,他加入了歌台表演行列,最后凭着坚持与刻苦,成为“歌台一哥”!

身为歌台的第一人,他的奋斗过程有许多值得后辈学习之处。他的歌台故事,丰富生动,有灵异鬼怪的、有诙谐搞笑的、有辛酸甜蜜的,每一则都具备了浓厚的本土色彩。就让《路边歌王 雷动舞台》带你回顾歌台一哥王雷出道至今的真情告白!

新加坡草根文化 – 路边歌王 雷动舞台
Singapore Grassroots Culture – Wang Lei: Tales from the Night
ISBN: 9789814824958

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