Perfect Guide History
Perfect Guide History

This series aims to help students with a simple three step approach (Learn – Recall – Apply). It helps students achieve content mastery in order to excel in their examinations.

Features of this series include:

  • Clear and concise revision notes to aid learning
  • Revision of content knowledge
  • Graphic organisers to aid students in their understanding and retention of key concepts
  • Structured essay questions and source-based case studies to assess students’ content knowledge
  • One examination-style practice paper
  • Level of Response Marking Scheme (LORMS) answers for source-based questions to help students better understand examination requirements
Perfect Guide History: The World in Crisis Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789810119102

Perfect Guide History: Bi-Polarity and the Cold War Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789810198817 

Social Studies
Companion Guide to Social Studies

These books prepare students for ‘O’ Level examination. In addition to a detailed explanation to guide students on how they can attempt the Structured-Response Question (SRQ) in the new syllabus, these guides provide practices aligned to the latest examination format. Students will find the mind maps under Chapter Focus useful when they need a summary of learning objectives in a glance and learn how they may structure their solutions according to Levels of Response Mark Scheme (LORMS) with the suggested answers.

Companion Guide to Social Studies Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789814684224

Companion Guide to Social Studies Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789814684231

Economics in Minutes
Economics in Minutes

Economics in Minutes has been carefully crafted to deliver concise and comprehensive revisions notes to students of A-Level Economics. Through engaging and colourful illustrations, which act as visual aids, effective knowledge-retention methods that use mnemonic devices and insights and examples drawn from real world scenarios, this book empowers students for meaningful learning.

Cross-referencing of topics in the syllabus also facilitates a scaffolded and contextualised understanding of related topics. This book also features clarifications for common misconceptions by students, sample examination questions with answer guides and an online repository of model essays and relevant case studies.

Economics in Minutes
ISBN: 9789814862424

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