Malay Oral Exam Guide (Video Stimulus)
Menghadapi Peperiksaan Lisan (Rangsangan Video)- Peringkat Sekolah Menengah
Malay Oral Exam Guide (Video Stimulus) – Secondary Level

Based on the latest Malay Oral examination format with the inclusion of video as test stimulus, as set out by Ministry of Education, Singapore, this oral guidebook can be used from Secondary 2 to 4/5 levels, in preparation for the G.C.E ‘O’ Level oral examinations (conversation component with video stimulus). The book is suitable for in-class/frontal teaching and students can engage in self-learning by accessing the 10 video clips in the book through scanning the QR codes within with a complimentary mobile application ‘Lisan (Menengah)’.

Features of the book include:

  • 10 topics on themes such as government initiatives, environmental matters and social issues.
  • Complimentary mobile application ‘Lisan (Menengah)’ available to aid self-learning.
Buku panduan ini boleh digunakan dari peringkat Menengah 2 hingga 4/5 sebagai bahan pembelajaran kendiri maupun dalam kelas. IA dibina selaras dengan Sukatan Pelajaran Bahasa Melayu 2011 (Sekolah Menengah) oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Singapura ini. Bahan ini disyorkan untuk persiapan bagi menghadapi peperiksaan lisan Sijil Am Pelajaran (G.C.E) Peringkat ‘O’ bahagian perbualan yang menggunakan klip video sebagai bahan rangsangan. 10 topik yang disediakan dalam buku panduan ini merangkumi pelbagai aspek yang berkaitan dengan dasar pemerintah, hal persekitaran dan kehidupan sosial. 10 topik tersebut dilengkapi dengan klip video yang bersesuaian. Klip video dapat ditonton melalui aplikasi Lisan (Menengah) dengan menggunakan kod QR.

Menghadapi Peperiksaan Lisan (Rangsangan Video) - Peringkat Sekolah Menengah
Malay Oral Exam Guide (Video Stimulus) – Secondary Level
ISBN: 9789814661430

Video Clips for Secondary (Malay)
Peperiksaan Lisan untuk Sekolah Menengah (Klip Video)
Video Clips for Secondary (Malay) Oral Examination

Based on the latest Ministry of Education Malay Oral examination format (2016), Video Clips for
Secondary (Malay) Oral Examination is a repository of original thematic videos suitable for use in
actual exams or as practice resource for upper and lower Secondary levels.

Features include:

  • 20 video clips (each runs for a minute) covering topics on government initiatives, environmental matters and social issues.
  • Comes in a set of three DVDs in one DVD Black Box case; one DVD for timekeeper, one for examiner and one to be used by students to support the examination environment. – Power point slides are included as teachers’ resources to complement the 20 video clips. These slides consist of teaching/assessment objectives and strategies, still frames of videos, narration transcripts, induction activity, suggested prompt questions and suggested answers.
Peperiksaan Lisan untuk Sekolah Menengah (Klip Video)
Video Clips for Secondary (Malay) Oral Examination
ISBN: 9781099095092

Available for school adoption only.

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