Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts
Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts

Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts is designed to help pupils see the relevance of mathematics to everyday life. It aims to help pupils appreciate realistic applications of mathematical concepts and skills, and to also prepare pupils well in answering such contextual questions during examinations.

Parts of the book include:

  • Carefully-designed contextual problems to sharpen thinking and reasoning skills,
  • A ‘Remark’ feature to overcome common misconceptions and attain pointers for solving the questions,
  • Fully worked solutions to allow students to check their answers and to encourage self-directed learning
  •  ‘Checklist’ to allow students to reflect on their own learning and check on their understanding.
Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789813165830

Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789813165847

Maths Problems in Real-World Contexts ‘O’ Level
ISBN: 9789813165861

Distinction in Mathematics Building Foundation

Distinction in Mathematics: Building Foundation

Distinction in Mathematics: Building Foundation is specially designed to help students gain a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. Each chapter is divided into sub-topics accompanied with practices to equip students with a thorough understanding of each concept. Once students have mastered the fundamentals, they are provided with more challenging questions to attempt in the advanced practice section.

Distinction in Mathematics: Building Foundation Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789814433815

Distinction in Mathematics: Building Foundation Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789814661003

Distinction in Mathematics Test and Examinations
Distinction in Mathematics: Test and Examinations

Designed to simulate tests and examinations, each book in the series includes:

  • 6 topical test papers to provide students with sufficient exposure to the variety of related questions and periodic revision
  • A checklist at the end of each test for students’ own evaluation of learning progress
  • 8 mock examination papers for students to attempt under suggested examination conditions
  • One More Like This provides students with additional similar question for reinforcement

Distinction in Mathematics Tests and Examinations Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789814433631

Distinction in Mathematics Tests and Examinations Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789814443111

Distinction in Mathematics Tests and Examinations Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789814661140

Distinction in Mathematics Tests and Examinations Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789814684378


Think Maths Normal (Academic)

In this series, to help students learn each concept well, each chapter is divided into a few sections. In each of the section, students learn the relevant sub-topics through concise notes, worked examples and apply what they have learnt in the immediate practice at the end of each section. A consolidated revision exercise at the end of each chapter consisting of questions categorised into three difficulty levels provides students with the opportunity to consolidate and reinforce the application of concepts. Students can also read tips and hints provided to clarify their thoughts and solve questions in which they face difficulty. 

Think Maths Normal (Academic) 1
ISBN: 9789810198947

Think Maths Normal (Academic) 2
ISBN: 9789814426640

Think Maths Normal (Academic) 3
ISBN: 9789814426657

Think Maths Normal (Academic) 4
ISBN: 9789814426664

Additional Maths Formula Book
Additional Maths Formula Book

Additional Maths 360 Formula Book is written to provide students a quick reference for finding notes and important formulae. Through the worked examples, it aims to deepen students’ understanding and explain the complexities and help students master the key concepts of Additional Mathematics.

Additional Maths 360 Formula Book
ISBN: 9789813165878

Additional Maths 360 Extra Practice Workbook
Additional Maths 360 Extra Practice Workbook (2nd Edition)

With this book, students are able to access ample exam-type questions that are written in line with the latest O-Level syllabus for practice. To help students evaluate their learning progress, the questions are categorised into 3 difficulty levels. Each question is tagged to a learning objective. The questions share the same topic arrangement as the Additional Mathematics 360 textbook to facilitates students’ revision and provide them with exercises for reinforcement.

Additional Maths 360 Extra Practice Workbook (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814426237

O-Level Maths Extra Practice
O-Level Maths Extra Practice

O-Level Maths Extra Practice is a book specially designed to equip students with effective answering techniques so that they are adequately prepared for examinations. It focuses on new trend questions designed to assess students’ conceptual understanding. The questions are organised by topics and by strands for targeted revision.

Features of the series include:

  • Detailed step by step solutions with suggested marking scheme for students to grade and assess their performance
  • New Trend Questions that require explanation and justification
  • Specimen Papers are included for exam practice so that students can practise time management and be confidently prepared for the examinations

O-Level Maths Extra Practice
ISBN: 978981426976

Distinction in Mathematics Revision Guide
Distinction in Mathematics: Revision Guide

This series serves as an excellent revision companion for students looking to prepare for formal assessments. Each chapter in each book highlights to students the main ideas with a set of Keynotes and accompanying exam tip. A quiz comprising a wide range of relevant questions provides students with ample practice opportunities.

Distinction in Mathematics: Revision Guide Secondary 1
ISBN: 9789810119416

Distinction in Mathematics: Revision Guide Secondary 2
ISBN: 9789810170998

Distinction in Mathematics: Revision Guide Secondary 3
ISBN: 9789814661027

Distinction in Mathematics: Revision Guide Secondary 4
ISBN: 9789814443104

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Quick Revision Handbook
Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Quick Revision Handbook

Students gain an overview to the array of questions they commonly encounter. The questions included bring to the students’ attention the skills they need to solve similar problems and concepts they are required to be familiar with.

Each chapter in these books is presented in three parts:

  • Let’s Recall highlights to students the prior knowledge they require before the start each chapter
  • Let’s Learn summarises key points students must know in each chapter
  • Let’s Try consists of worked examples of three difficulty levels to familiarise students with what they may encounter in the application of concepts from each relevant chapter

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Quick Revision Handbook 1
ISBN: 9789814433808

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Quick Revision Handbook 2
ISBN: 9789814661010

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Quick Revision Handbook ‘O’ Level
ISBN: 9789814735490

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Normal (Academic)
Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Normal (Academic)

This series is written based on the latest N-Level mathematics syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Each book in this series consists of ample topical practices to help students reinforce concepts learnt, and build exam confidence through exam-type questions. With this
book, students can strengthen their application of concepts in solving questions systematically using accompanied worked examples and a list of intended learning outcomes.

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Normal Academic 1
ISBN: 9789810198770

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Normal Academic 2
ISBN: 9789814426893

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics Normal Academic 3
ISBN: 9789810198794

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics
Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics

Aligned to the latest Secondary mathematics syllabus of Cambridge G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Examination, this series provides students with worked examples to equip them with techniques of how they can solve various questions. With content and topic arrangement in the book designed to closely follow the textbooks used in schools, students can use the practice exercises to complement their learning, and strengthen their application and understanding of each concept.

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics 1
ISBN: 9789814426671

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics 2
ISBN: 9789810198251

Perfect Guide Secondary Mathematics 3
ISBN: 9789814433730

Perfect Guide Additional Mathematics

Perfect Guide Additional Mathematics

Written according to latest Additional Mathematics syllabus of O-Level Examination, this series of two books provides students with revision notes and worked examples to reinforce concepts learnt. With content and topic arrangement in the book designed to closely follow the textbooks used in schools, students are able to use the questions included in these books to strengthen their understanding of each topic and practise what they have learnt.

Book A comprises of topics from algebra and geometry while Book B comprises topics from geometry, trigonometry and calculus.

Perfect Guide Additional Mathematics Book A (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814661164

Perfect Guide Additional Mathematics Book B
ISBN: 9789810197896

Additional Maths 360

Additional Maths 360

Additional Maths 360 Extra Practice
ISBN: 9789814861175

Additional Maths 360 Guided Practice Algebra
ISBN: 9789814861182

Additional Maths 360 Guided Practice Calculus
ISBN: 9789814861205

Additional Maths 360 Guided Practice Geometry and Trigonometry
ISBN: 9789814861199

O-Level Maths
O-Level Maths

This book helps with the learning of grammar usage to convey meaning. It covers all aspects of grammar needed for success in the N- and O-Level Examinations. It is designed primarily for use by students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5.

Maths Guided Practice Geometry and Measurement, Statistics and Probability
ISBN: 9789814826969

Maths Guided Practice Number and Algebra
ISBN: 9789814826952

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