Distinction in Science Correcting Misconceptions
Distinction in Science: Correcting Misconceptions

This series aims to help students correct their misconceptions through a unique three step approach:
A pre-test to diagnose level of understanding and existing misconception, detailed notes and answers for students to revise and correct the misconception and followed by a final assessment to consolidate learning outcome.

Features of the books include:

  • Concept cartoons for identifying misconceptions
  • Comprehensive notes for enhancing conceptual understanding
  • Flow charts, tables and concept maps for summarising key points and linking important concepts
  • Formative and summative assessments for consolidating learning
Distinction in Science: Correcting Misconceptions Lower Secondary Book A
ISBN: 9789814433617

Distinction in Science: Correcting Misconceptions Lower Secondary Book B
ISBN: 9789814433624

Ready for ‘O’ Level

Ready for ‘O’ Level

Designed to help students revise efficiently for the examinations, this series highlights and tags all the notes and questions to specific learning objectives in every topic.

Features of the book include:

  • Comprehensive revision notes
  • Exercises consisting of ample Multiple-choice and Structured questions
  • Revision checklist
  • Glossary that guides students on how to respond to words commonly used in Science questions
  • Answers with explanations to facilitate self-study

Ready for ‘O’ Level Chemistry
ISBN: 9789814443128

Ready for ‘O’ Level Physics
ISBN: 9789814661096

Think Science Normal (Academic)

This series is specially designed to help Normal (Academic) students revise Science concepts learnt and build examination confidence. It is written based on the latest 2013 Lower Secondary Science Normal (Academic) syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, with notes and explanations followed by practice questions to help students master concepts.

Features of the books include:

  • Bite-sized notes to highlight key concepts for quick and targeted revision
  • Confidence Review to allow students to apply what they have learnt
  • Revision Questions to consolidate concepts learnt
  • Revision Papers to provide ample practice for examinations
  • Confidence Booster to provide tips and correct common misconceptions

Think Science Normal (Academic) Lower Secondary Book A
ISBN: 9789814443159

Think Science Normal (Academic) Lower Secondary Book B
ISBN: 9789814443906

Perfect Guide Science Series

The Perfect Guide Science series has been designed to strengthen conceptual understanding and challenge students to think critically.

It contains:

  • Clear and concise notes with common errors highlighted
  • Tables and labelled diagrams to aid understanding
  • Links to textbooks for easy reference, reading and revision
  • End-of-chapter worked examples and exercises
  • Detailed explanations alongside the answers provided to guide students in answering questions

The Perfect Guide Science series is available across the various sciences and for the different skill sets, such as:

  • Structured Questions
  • MCQ and Free Response Questions
  • Data Response Questions

Lower Secondary Science

Structured Questions
LSS Structured Questions
Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science Structured Questions Book A
ISBN: 9789810118662

Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science Structured Questions Book B
ISBN: 9789810118679

MCQ & Free Response Questions
LSS MCQ & Free Response Questions
Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science MCQ & Free Response Questions Book A
ISBN: 9789810196974

Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science MCQ & Free Response Questions Book B
ISBN: 9789810196981

Normal (Academic) Science

MCQ & Free Response Questions
LSS NA MCQ & Free Response Questions
Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science Normal (Academic) MCQ and Free Response Questions Book A
ISBN: 9789810169619

Perfect Guide Lower Secondary Science Normal (Academic) MCQ and Free Response Questions Book B
ISBN: 9789810170929

Perfect Guide Normal (Academic) Level (Science) Physics MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789814426497

Perfect Guide Normal (Academic) Level (Science) Chemistry MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810175528

‘O’ Level Science

Containing the same useful features, the 3rd edition of the Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Science series now packs in additional practice questions to ensure students get the extra practice they need. Answers and additional resources are also available online to support self-directed learning and easy reference.

Perfect Guide O Level
Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Physics (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814851725

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Chemistry (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814851718

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Biology (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814851701

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Physics (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814851749

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Chemistry (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9789814851732

Structured Questions
PG - Structures Questions
Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Physics Structured Questions
ISBN: 9789810118631

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Chemistry Structured Questions
ISBN: 9789810118648

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Biology Structured Questions
ISBN: 9789810118655

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Chemistry Structured Questions
ISBN: 9789810118693

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Physics Structured Questions
ISBN: 9789810118686

MCQ & Free Response Questions
PG - MCQ & Free Response Questions
Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Physics MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810196998

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Chemistry MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810196967

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Biology MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810197025

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Physics MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810198244

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level (Science) Chemistry MCQ & Free Response Questions
ISBN: 9789810189693

Data-based Questions
PG - Databased
Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Physics Data-based Questions
ISBN: 9789814443142

Perfect Guide ‘O’ Level Chemistry Data-based Questions
ISBN: 9789814443135

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