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What is the Balanced Scorecard for Schools?

The Balanced Scorecard for Schools (BSfS) is a survey-based school evaluation and improvement programme. It derives its significant analytic power from a comprehensive set of survey questions that is (i) derived from an extensive International Evidence Base and (ii) which explores the 5 key areas of a school’s performance:


Based on the survey findings, the programme delivers an individual school report that includes a rich data set, graphical representations, and an extensive set of Endorsements and Recommendations that are designed to support and inform school improvement strategies. It is a highly informative while also a very accessible report, designed to suit readers from a range of backgrounds.


A short introduction to the Balanced Scorecard for Schools




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The Right School Environment Webinar
Date: 20th Oct 2021
Time: 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8)

The school’s learning environment is key to success. 

High-quality teaching and learning depend on:
• A strong culture and climate favouring learning
• A compelling vision for the school, with a clear mission statement describing how to achieve that vision

Collectively, culture, climate, vision and mission drive attitudes and behaviours. 

Webinar objectives
The first dimension or domain of The Balanced Scorecard focuses on the school’s learning environment, exploring:
• The effectiveness and impact of the school’s vision, is it shared? 
• Does it influence day-to-day activities? 
• What is the school’s mission, and does it have a plan to drive improvement by articulating strategies, priorities, and objectives?
• A school’s culture and how it supports or jeopardises the learning environment

The BSfS programme’s first domain examines the school’s foundation for achieving quality teaching and learning.


Peter Adam Profile

Speaker's Profile

Peter Adams is an Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne and the Global Director for the Balanced Scorecard for Schools (BSfS) programme with Marshall Cavendish Education. He designed and developed the BSfS school improvement programme over a period of five years.

Peter is an internationally recognised and respected professional with over 40 years of experience in education. His practical knowledge and understanding of school education began with 18 years teaching in Victoria, which included numerous school leadership roles. Subsequently, Peter moved into the public and private sector where he has held a range of executive management roles in prominent education programmes and organizations internationally.

Peter is married with four children and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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