Case Study: Fall in Luv with English

8/1/2017 12:30:47 PM
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Often associated with dusty tomes and purple prose, igniting young learners’ passion in English has always been a challenge, especially in today’s digital age where youth are more commonly found with mobile devices in their hands rather than pens and books.

A fully digital curriculum, LuV English aims to solve this problem by engaging learners through Learning Using Videos. Jointly developed with MediaCorp, this innovative curriculum helps instill interest in the learning of the English language through its multimedia-rich content that presents youth of today with a novel and exciting way of learning English. With a rich repository of ready resources which teachers can use in their lessons, LuV English also empowers teachers by helping to ease their workflow and focus on enhancing classroom instruction.

Curious to explore new and innovative ways to engage their students in lessons, teachers from Coral Secondary School and Yuhua Secondary School decided to implement LuV English from August to September 2013 to help their students discover the joy of learning English.

Special thanks to Mdm Ramona Md Sidek, English teacher at Coral Secondary School, and Miss Gena Ang, English teacher at Yuhua Secondary School for sharing their experiences and insights on the implementation process and outcomes in their experiences and insights on the implementation process and outcomes in their respective schools.


For Mdm Ramona, the writing exercises in LuV English were a unique and refreshing way for her Secondary 1 Express students to practise and hone their writing skills. Compared to the traditional method of using paper and pen, writing essays through an online platform supplemented with vivid multimedia seemed a more interactive means of encouraging students to learn.

Mdm Ramona also integrated the use of MC Online’s Discussion Page and Social Learning Wall – digital tools for collaboration and information sharing, in her LuV English lesson plans to engage her students in independent research and active discussion. An English lesson in Mdm Ramona’s class could, for example, comprise watching selected LuV English video clips, then posting comments, related articles and videos on the Discussion Page and Social Learning Wall to discuss with peers, their thoughts and opinions on the video clips.

Coral Secondary School - Students practised writing expository essays through
a mix of digital tools 
and LuV English's activities

With information gathered from watching the clips, and shared on the Social Learning Wall and Discussion Page, students then started on their first draft of their essays, aided by useful vocabulary words and model answers provided in LuV English’s curriculum.


At Yuhua Secondary School, Miss Ang saw the potential of LuV English videos as an effective teaching and learning tool to increase student engagement, and incorporated it into her lesson plan. She had her students watch selected video clips and share their impressions of the videos with the class.

With the aid of tables provided in the activity, students then took notes according to the videos’ recommendations, and participation in another classroom discussion based on the notes they had taken. Leveraging the flexibility of LuV English’s curriculum, Miss Ang also wove in the P-E-E structure used for Spoken Interaction. Standing for Point-Explanation-Example (or Elaborate), this structure was used to guide students in explaining their notes during class discussions. Miss Ang also had her students engage in collaborative work by working in pairs to practise the P-E-E structure based on their findings from the video clips.

Yuhua Secondary School - Students were rapt with attention during class discussions