Marshall Cavendish Education unveils new Chinese children comics and iRead News

 17 May 2019
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SINGAPORE, 17 May 2019 – Marshall Cavendish Education, the sole publisher of Primary Chinese textbooks in Singapore, today announced the launch of iRead News series, a curated collection of newspaper articles targeted at Secondary students. This marked the first Chinese collaborative publication project between Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Four new Chinese children comics series namely Nao Nao Comics VillageYEAH! Chinese IdiomsOld Master Q Fun Proverbs & Phrases and Le Le Brainwave Comics will also be launched at Singapore Book Fair, which runs from 31 May 2019 to 9 June 2019 at Capitol Singapore. 

“Reading is the best catalyst for an effective Chinese language development,” says Lim Geok Leng, General Manager and Publisher (Asian Languages) of Marshall Cavendish Education. “We are excited to work with SPH to develop iRead News, which encourages parents and students to break away from the commonly held perception that Chinese reading is only limited to textbooks and storybooks. Children should also be exposed to current affairs and world issues too”.

Comprising 80 short, relatable articles sourced from Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Ming Daily News, the iRead News series aims to broaden students’ knowledge of local and global issues. Supporting inquiry questions and Hanyu Pinyin are included to prompt students to think critically and develop stronger Chinese literacy skills. 

Following the popular release of the Nao Nao Comics Street series last year, Marshall Cavendish Education is launching the third series, Nao Nao Comics Village that allows readers to journey with Nao Nao, a mischievous school boy on his comedic encounters. 

Award-winning local TV scriptwriter and author of the Nao Nao series, Rebecca Leow will be present during the book launch on 2 June 2019, at Capitol Singapore Outdoor Plaza to engage attendees in a fun-filled afternoon of storytelling and interactive comics creation. 

YEAH! Chinese Idioms is a brand-new comics series and the latest addition to Marshall Cavendish Education’s growing collection of popular Chinese children comics. This series focuses on a group of triplets, “Xin Xin”, “Jia Jia” and “Po Po”, and pupils get to learn new idioms as they read about the triplets’ fun and fascinating encounters. Each book features a total of 50 commonly-used idioms that pupils are required to learn in primary school. 

iRead News (Secondary) 《爱上读报》


Usual Price: $9.50 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $7.60

Reading newspaper helps to broaden pupils’ knowledge of global issues and more importantly, improves their Chinese language skills. iRead News is a carefully curated series of Chinese newspaper articles sourced from Singapore’s news agencies, Lianhe ZaobaoLianhe Wanbao andShin Ming Daily News. Each book contains 80 articles that are suitable for secondary students’ daily reading. Each article is paired with vocabulary learning and questions to stimulate deeper understanding of the topic. 

Nao Nao Comics Village 《闹闹漫画村》

Usual Price: $8.00 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $6.40

Nao Nao is no stranger to young readers. For 25 years, its books, comics and TV series have been well-loved by children. The latest Nao Nao Comics Village series consists of 3 books (each book with 3 stories), an extension from the original Nao Nao Comics series (闹闹漫画乐园) and Nao Nao Comics Street series (闹闹漫画街).  Featuring relatable and interesting stories, this series stimulates children’s imagination, while inculcating important moral values as readers follow Nao Nao on his exciting adventures. This approach makes the learning of the Chinese language fun and exciting! 

YEAH! Chinese Idioms 3胞成语乐园》

Usual Price: $8.00 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $6.40

Each book of our latest comics series, YEAH! Chinese Idioms features a total of 50 commonly-used idioms that pupils are required to learn in primary school. This series focuses on a group of triplets, “Xin Xin”, “Jia Jia” and “Po Po”, and pupils get to learn new idioms as they read about the triplets’ fun and fascinating encounters. 

To facilitate pupils to have a better understanding of each idiom, definitions are provided in both English and Chinese. In addition, sample sentences detailing how each idiom can be used are included for easier comprehension. 

Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases (Primary) 

老夫子• 妙语如珠》(小学版)

Usual Price: $6.95 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $5.60

Following the release of popular OMQ Happy and Wacky Idioms, the latest iteration Old Master Q Fun Proverbs and Phrases presents 3 brand new titles, each comprising 100 carefully curated Chinese proverbs and phrases. As pupils indulge in the hilarious and witty OMQ comics, they learn new Chinese proverbs and phrases which are helpful in elevating the content and quality of pupils’ creative writing. 

Le Le Brainwave Comics 《乐乐计转弯


Usual Price: $8.00 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $6.40

Le Le Brainwave Comics is our latest Chinese comic series which weaves the learning of mathematics seamlessly into its exciting stories. Based on the everyday lives of Le Le and his family, children can solve maths questions and engage in hands-on activities (e.g. origami) as they read the comics. 

With a total of 3 main stories in each book, questions to prompt the readers to solve maths questions (想一) and solutions (灵机一动) to help them in their learning will be available for each story. Similarly, a Chinese-English vocabulary list will be included to deepen the learning of Chinese key words. 


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