Our Milestones

We have been on a journey towards developing high-quality and engaging content for learners and educators since the 1980s. At present, we have the greatest number of approved textbooks by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and most schools in Singapore are using our materials.


  • Singapore 15-year-old Students Ranked Top in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

    Our 15-year old students have once again emerged no. 1 for mathematics, science and reading in The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). This prestigious triennial benchmarking assessment has become increasingly influential on policymakers who see their countries and their policies being measured against these global school league tables.*

    Time and again, Marshall Cavendish Education has proven that the holistic approach to learning has transformed education, producing top student achievers and gaining international recognition with consistent top performance in both TIMSS and PISA.

    *source: Straits Times & BBC News

    Launch of Brainy Arkies

    Brainy Arkies is a novel education resource to supplement learning for primary school pupils.

    It integrates automated adaptive testing and personalised learning with edutainment to produce the best learning outcome for users. It features separate child and parent modes, with the latter providing parents with options to be involved in their child's learning progress.


    The launch of Brainy Arkies was held over 4 days (10 – 13 Nov 2016) at Happy Sparks, a fun-filled extravaganza with educational activities for the whole family.

    Brainy Arkies is available for download from
    App-Store and Google-Play!

    Singapore Students Rank Tops for Maths and Science in TIMSS 2015

    Our Primary 4 pupils and Secondary 2 students in Singapore rank tops in Mathematics and Science, according to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), a widely recognised achievement test by policymakers and educators worldwide.

    The TIMSS 2015 result, released on 29 November 2016, has once again proven the effectiveness of our holistic learning approach and the quality of our educational solutions in producing top student achievers.


    Collaboration with IDA and Knewton in the first Adaptive Learning Solution

    In the first ever collaboration from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Knewton, a leading U.S adaptive learning technology provider, Marshall Cavendish Education was able to successfully roll out the first-of-its-kind adaptive Mathematics learning solution in Singapore.

    With Knewton providing the analytics engine to power the learning solution, and integrating with Marshall Cavendish Education's quality resources, the programme was piloted in various local primary schools across Singapore. As part of the Infocomm Media 2025 Masterplan, IDA supported the pilot project which was officially launched in the beginning of 2016.


  • Partnership with Oxford University Press and Reach into the UK

    In 2014, Marshall Cavendish Education launched Inspire Maths for UK schools, a programme adapted from Singapore's leading Maths programme. By 2015, teachers in the UK were able to testify to the programme's rigour and effectiveness, with proven results for improved learning experiences and increased student engagement.


    Limelight on the Global Stage

    Singapore continued to shine on the global stage for its exceptional student and teacher quality, and Marshall Cavendish Education is proud to be a part of this journey to success. In May 2015, BBC shone the spotlight on Singapore as it topped the global school rankings in an OECD report, highlighting the quality of the education system and its near miraculous transformation since the 1960s. Later that same year, in October, CNN published another article, calling the nation's students "the smartest kids in the world", this time citing the quality of teachers and our creative use of knowledge.


  • Sole Appointed Textbook Publisher for Primary Science

    From 2014, all public primary schools in Singapore will be using Marshall Cavendish Education's Science materials. Our materials for other levels and subjects are also widely adopted across local schools. Till date, we are also the only appointed co-publisher for all primary and secondary Chinese textbooks. Today, we remain the leading textbook publisher in Singapore.

  • At the Forefront of e-Learning

    Since 2013, our e-learning platform was adopted by the majority of Singapore's primary schools. In addition, the MC eBooks were also developed with unique features and suite of resources to enrich learning and make the learning experience seamless.

    Beyond Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education has also continued to design more unique educational solutions that can complement a print curriculum or even be used as a digital curriculum on its own.

    Revolutionising Education Around The World

    Marshall Cavendish Education continues to provide quality educational solutions for countries all over the world.

    • Pilot programmes with Brunei, Barranquilla and Saudi Arabia
    Marshall Cavendish Education has also reviewed the curricula of Brunei, Barranquilla and Saudi Arabia before rolling out pilot programmes with the education ministries. By 2012, we had developed materials that are aligned and approved for use in public schools in Brunei and Saudi Arabia.

    • Nationwide adoption of primary Maths series in Chile
    In 2014, all public schools in Chile will be using Mi Matematica, a new series aligned to Chile's Ministry of Education requirements. Marshall Cavendish Education is the first Asian-based publisher to be awarded the tender by the Ministry of Education, Chile.


    • Professional development and efficacy studies
    To enhance educators' knowledge and their classroom practices, Marshall Cavendish Institute has conducted professional development for over 100 curriculum specialists, public school supervisors, department heads and practitioners. Efficacy studies have also been carried out for various countries around the world.


2013 to 2014

  • Launch of Marshall Cavendish Education, Chile

    In October 2012, Marshall Cavendish Education announced the opening of Marshall Cavendish Education and Marshall Cavendish Institute, Chile, to effectively engage the market and reinforce our global presence.

  • An Internationally Recognised Educational Solutions Provider

    Since 2010, various groups of international delegations visited the Marshall Cavendish Education Singapore office to learn more about our role in Singapore's education system and our position as a provider of international educational solutions. Our distinguished guests included the President and education minister of Panama, officials from Thailand, the Sultanate of Oman and Barranquilla and the education minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Marshall Cavendish Education Conferences

    Since 2010, we have organised four global conferences for educators, curriculum specialists, policymakers and ministry officials from around the world. In line with our commitment to provide complete and effective solutions, we were able to create platforms for the invaluable exchange of experiences and insights into developing and implementing world-class curricula.

    In 2014, Marshall Cavendish Education brought this successful event beyond Singapore for the first time, into the capital of the United States, Washington DC.

    Marshall Cavendish Education Conferences
  • Customised and Globalised for International Use

    • Primary Mathematics in Hebrew for schools in Israel
    In 2002, in collaboration with The Israel Foundation and the US-based Rosenbaum Foundation, our Primary Mathematics was translated into Hebrew for schools in Israel

    • International and translated editions of My Pals are Here! English, Maths and Science
       – English edition was developed to suit unique requirements of students living in environments where English is learnt as a second language
       – International and Spanish editions for Maths and Science
       – French, Arabic and Dutch editions of Primary Maths
       – Customised Maths and Science curricula for Libya


    • Chinese Textbooks for Overseas Use
    Chinese textbooks such as the Flying with Chinese series, were developed for use in countries and schools where Chinese is learnt as a foreign language. This series is highly successful and approved by the State of Education in Oregon.

  • Another Series of Successful Textbook Packages

    To stay aligned with the latest syllabus and new emphasis on development of concepts and thinking skills, Marshall Cavendish Education developed a new range of textbooks across English, Maths and Science – My Pals are Here! Series. Today, this textbook series is widely successful and adopted by the majority of primary schools.



  • Singapore Students Consistently Rank Top In International Studies

    Singapore's education system makes its mark in the world with consistent top performance in international studies.

    • Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS):
    1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011

    Since 1995, Singapore has been ranked as one of the top-performing countries by TIMSS. In 2003, the first cohort of My Pals are Here! Science users participated in the TIMSS and emerged tops. By this year, more than 70% of Singapore students performed better in Maths and Science than international average.

    • Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS):
    2001, 2006

    Singapore saw a marked ranking improvement in the PIRLS from rank 15th in 2001 to 4th in 2006. Singapore also ranked 2nd among the education systems that took tests solely in English – a significant achievement as Singapore is not a native English speaking country, attesting to the quality of our materials and sound methodology.


  • The Significant First

    Marshall Cavendish Education, together with the Ministry of Education, co-published Singapore's first textbooks series for English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue which were used from 1981 – 2000.

    The first series of Marshall Cavendish Mathematics – The Singapore Maths Approach became the first and only series used in schools for almost 19 years, from 1982 – 2001. The results from Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) since 1995 verified that our approach significantly improved the mathematical ability of Singaporean students.



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