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07 Dec, 2016
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Hang out with the author of the Big Bear comic series this Sunday, 11 Dec, 2pm at Times Waterway Point as she carries out a portrait illustration session*. Read more...

PISA 2015

06 Dec, 2016
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Our resounding success in PISA have once again shown that Singapore students are not just competent in applying knowledge and skills, but also as skilful in analysing, reasoning and communicating. Read more...

Chinese Oral Exam Guide for PSLE Mobile App

05 Dec, 2016
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The mobile app will be available on Appstore and Google Play for download in mid December 2016. Stay tuned! Read more...

Marshall Cavendish Education Launches Brainy Arkies

10 Nov, 2016
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Marshall Cavendish Education launched Brainy Arkies, a novel education resource to supplement learning for primary school pupils. Brainy Arkies integrates automated adaptive testing and personalised learning with edutainment to produce the best learning outcome for users. It features separate child and parent modes, with the latter providing parents with options to be involved in their child’s learning progress. Read more...

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