AO Primary Maths Workshop 2017

Date : 25th July 2017 (Tuesday)    |     Venue : Singapore Management University, School of Economics / School of Social Sciences Classroom B1-1 – B1

Effective questioning techniques that develop productive habits of mind for mathematical problem solving

Central to the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum is to develop pupils into effective Mathematics problem solvers. Teaching for, about and through problem solving equips our pupils with not just the experience, but also content and process skills, to solve non-routine problems so that they can be both effective consumers and producers of Mathematics. The current curricular emphasis of process skills of Singapore Mathematics reflects the importance of placing equal emphasis on both process and product in our mathematical instruction. In this workshop, we will revisit the whole role and concept of Mathematics problem solving and examine how the use of effective and structured questioning may help develop productive habits of mind among our pupils that will better prepare them to solve non-routine problems.  

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