Marshall Cavendish Education Launches New Early Childhood Titles

 30 Jun 2017
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Marshall Cavendish Education, the leading K-12 publisher in Singapore launches their new early childhood series in Numeracy, English and Chinese during an inaugural early childhood seminar.  


This seminar boasts a wealth of experience from  distinguished speakers with many years of experience  in early childhood education.  They will be sharing  unique teaching methods and useful instructional materials to 400 educators from over 100 early childhood education centres with the aim of  helping educators nurture and support young learner’s acquisition of knowledge, skills and learning dispositions in Literacy and Numeracy.


Educators will be introduced to both English and Mandarin medium materials which can be used to enhance pre-schoolers’ learning. These 4 new series will be introduced  – Up Down All Around, Connect English Readers Series, My EQ Chinese Readers and Learning Chinese with Fun Pai Pai Zuo Chinese Readers



Up Down All Around is a fully-illustrated numeracy series that focuses on conceptual understanding and acquisition of numeracy skills in young children through well-structured activities and tasks. This series consists of pupil’s book and teacher’s guide. 


Connect English Readers are fully illustrated and carefully levelled guided reading series to spark children’s imagination. This series consists of 40 readers, Teacher Guide and School-to-Home Link. 


My EQ Chinese Readers help children become more aware about the different emotions they have and guide them on how to manage these emotions. The series is divided into three themes and have a total of 16 books. 


Learning Chinese with Fun Pai Pai Zuo Chinese Readers offers 24 beautifully illustrated stories to help pre-schoolers learn Chinese through reading. This series consists of small readers, big books and teacher’s guide. 


All 4 series will be fully published by end of August 2017 and available for adoption in kindergartens and childcare centres. For more information, email us at


About Marshall Cavendish Education

As a leading provider of distinctive K-12 educational solutions in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education integrates research-driven educational approaches with innovative technology to facilitate students’ learning and teachers' professional development.

For 60 years, we have crafted and developed quality, comprehensive educational solutions to ensure educational excellence for Singapore schools and have always earned the approval of the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile and the United States. To date, our solutions have been adapted into multiple languages and used in over 60 countries. 


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