Nao Nao, Le Le, Old Master Q: Marshall Cavendish Education launches new Chinese Comic Series at Singapore Book Fair 2018

 21 May 2018
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SINGAPORE, 21 May 2018 – Marshall Cavendish Education, the sole publisher of Primary Chinese textbooks in Singapore, reinterprets learning with the launch of its latest comic series: Nao Nao Comics Street, Le Le Brainwave Comics and Old Master Q Happy Idioms.

Readers will be able to get a first peek of these series at the Singapore Book Fair, which takes place from 25 May 2018 to 31 May 2018. The author of Le Le Brainwave Comics will also be present to share more about the book and engage attendees in an origami folding session.

Coupled with beautiful illustrations, these new comic series present relatable student characters, and fun and exciting stories that are suitable for Primary 3 to 6 pupils. As young readers indulge in these comics, the aim is to help them develop stronger Chinese literacy skills by introducing them to good sentence structures and vocabulary, thus empowering them to be better writers and confident speakers.

Learning goes beyond words and sentences. Through the lens of Nao Nao, moral values are subtly woven into this mischievous school boy character, allowing young learners to learn and emulate important moral values as they read the comics.  

In Le Le Brainwave Comics, the learning of mathematics concepts is seamlessly integrated with its stories. Young readers can solve maths questions and learn through hands-on activities. For example, children learn about shapes and geometry with greater ease through origami folding exercises, and with the characters in these comics.

Old Master Q, a famous comic series in the 1970s and 80s, has made a comeback in Old Master Q Happy Idioms. In this latest series, witty depictions for 100 Chinese idioms are presented in a humourous style coupled with interesting storylines. This enables children to understand the meaning of these idioms which they can then apply in examinations.

Nao Nao Comics Street 闹闹漫画街


Usual Price: $8.00 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $6.40

Nao Nao is no stranger to all our young readers and viewers! For 25 years, Nao Nao’s books, comics and TV series have been well-loved by children. Featuring real-life situations that children can easily relate to, mischievous Nao Nao is back for a second comics series, with a total of 12 stories in four books!

These interesting stories seek to inculcate important moral values in children as readers follow Nao Nao on his exciting adventures! At the end of each story, a Chinese-English vocabulary list is provided to reinforce the learning of key words in the comics.

Launch Dates

Nao Nao Comics Street 1 & 2: Launch on 25 May 2018

Nao Nao Comics Street 3 & 4: Launch in 3rd quarter of 2018

Le Le Brainwave Comics 乐乐计转弯

Usual Price: $8.00 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $6.40

Le Le Brainwave Comics is Marshall Cavendish Education’s latest Chinese comics series which weaves the learning of mathematics seamlessly into its exciting stories. Based on the everyday lives of Le Le and his family, children can solve maths questions and engage in hands-on activities (e.g. origami) as they read the comics.

With a total of three stories in the books, the series prompts readers to solve maths questions (想一想) and includes solutions (灵机一动) to help them in their learning. Similarly, a Chinese-English vocabulary list will be included to deepen the learning of Chinese key words.

Launch Dates

Le Le Brainwave Comics 1: Launch on 25 May 2018

Le Le Brainwave Comics 2: Launch in 4th quarter of 2018

Old Master Q Happy Idioms 老夫子 快乐成语


Usual Price: $6.50 | Singapore Book Fair Special Price: $5.50

Putting a spin on all-time favourite and classic comic character, Old Master Q (老夫子), Marshall Cavendish Education will be rolling out a series of three comic books for primary school pupils. Injecting a dose of the classic Old Master Q humour, each book features a curated collection of 100 Chinese idioms, which are useful for children in their creative writing. To extend readers’ learning and understanding, each idiom is supported with an antonym and sample sentence.

Launch Dates

Old Master Q Happy Idioms 1: Launch on 25 May 2018

Old Master Q Happy Idioms 2: Launch on 25 May 2018

Old Master Q Happy Idioms 3: Launch in 3rd quarter of 2018

A part of this series, Old Master Q Wacky Idioms 1 & 2 (老夫子 成语 COOL), which are suitable for secondary school pupils will be available from 25 May 2018 and retailing at $7.50 each.  

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