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A Glimpse of the Inquiry-based Approach in Science Teaching

Lesson planning

The study of science leads us to discover the world and things around us. More than often, it is that spark of curiosity that leads us to find out the hows and whys of the things around us. There are several approaches to go about teaching and learning Science, but in in recent years, educators around the world, including the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE), have advocated the inquiry-based learning approach, weeding out traditional rote learning methods. This move aims to arm our students with 21st-century competencies so as to thrive in a fast-changing world.

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Closing in on Cloze Passage


The comprehension cloze section continues to baffle and frustrate many students. It is a test of not only the student's grammar and vocabulary but his comprehension skills as well. Here are 6 ways teachers can zoom in to contextual clues to help students get better at attempting the cloze passage section.

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Make Language Learning Fun


Learning languages can be a challenge at times. It involves not only memorisation but also application and understanding of the various concepts involved.

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