3 classroom activities that can improve your students’ presentation skills

20 Dec 2016

In the previous instalment, we looked at 4 ways to help your students improve their presentation skills. In this instalment, we look at the activities that teachers can try out in class to work on students’ presentation skills – pronunciation, coherence, storytelling, and confidence.

1. Mimicry

Delivery is an important aspect of oral presentation and mimicking good speakers is helpful in strengthening these skills. Teachers can assign their students a video of a speech and have them re-enact it. Students can then present the speech to their classmates, whom will analyse their tone, physical gestures, speech tempo, diction and delivery.

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2. Mock Interview

Teachers can stage mock interviews with their students to strengthen their oral examination preparation skills. Students can choose a subject that they feel strongly about and list down the main points that they would like to address during the exercise. Record the mock conversation and review it with students so they are able to understand how they can improve their communication skills through constructive feedback.

3. Personal Stories

Teachers can encourage their students to differentiate themselves from the crowd by sharing personal experiences that are related to the given question. Adding a personal perspective makes the conversation seems more real, more natural and establishes a connection between the student and the examiner.

Organise show-and-tell activities to allow students to share a more personal aspect of themselves with an audience. The more they practise, the more comfortable the students will be in opening up to an audience.

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