Confusing Grammar Explained!

03 Jan 2017
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Research has proven that explicit learning of grammar rules helps learners learn the language at a faster rate than those who do not learn the rules explicitly. Grammar is an important component in the language (regardless of any language) that helps us communicate a clear message. The better the grammar, the clearer the message, and a lesser tendency in miscommunication. 

Confusing Grammar Explained! attempts to eliminate common confusion in the use of grammar by putting two commonly confused grammar items side-by-side using visual representations. The aim of this presentation is to help explain correct grammar usage succinctly. 

Two commonly confused grammar items are introduced
with the use of illustrations to help the learner understand
how the grammar items are correctly used.

Visual representations of grammar rules are provided to explain clearly the correct use of grammar items.

Notes and tips are included to provide additional information
on the use of grammar items

Grammar exercises and revision papers allow students to
practise and reinforce their learning

Confusing Grammar Explained! covers the following grammar items


  • I doing vs I am doing
  • I did vs I was doing
  • I did vs I have done
  • I have done vs I had done
  • I have done vs I have been doing
  • I had done vs I had been doing
  • I saw him go vs I saw him going


  • Although vs Despite
  • As vs When
  • Because vs Because of
  • So... that vs Such... that
  • Would rather... than vs Prefer... to


  • Above vs On top of
  • Above vs Over
  • Below vs Under
  • Beside vs Besides
  • Between vs Among
  • Other than vs Except
  • Throughout vs During

Reported Speech

  • Changing tenses for reported speech
  • Changing pronouns for reported speech
  • Reporting different types of questions
  • Changing modals for reported speech
  • Reporting complex sentences
  • Conversions for reported speech

Confusing Grammar Explained! is suitable for students between the ages of 10 and 14, and is available at all major bookstores. 

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