Happy Practice 快乐练习

27 Dec 2016
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The revised syllabus was introduced to the P1 cohort in 2015 and has been progressively introduced to the other levels from 2015.

As the sole publisher of Mother Tongue core materials such as textbooks and workbooks, Happy Practice 快乐练习 is the first Mother Tongue assessment book in Singapore that is published with the updated syllabus. This makes the series a complement to the core materials used in school.  

Here are 4 other reasons for choosing Happy Practice 快乐练习 as a teaching and learning resource:

  • 10 practices (1A & 2A) / 9 practices (1B, 2B & 3A) which correspond to the chapters in the textbook, and revision exercised to consolidate students' learning
  • Learning objectives are explicitly outlined at the beginning of each practice
  • Learners are able to evaluate his/her progress with marking rubrics provided
  • Addition elements such as table listing the terms of strokes, radical and components of the Chinese characters are included to enhance students' understanding of Chinese characters

Inside pages of Happy Practice assessment book

The revised Mother Tongue syllabus which was introduced in 2014 aims to:

  • develop students as proficient language users who can communicate in a confident and effective way
  • inculcate positive values and active learning

As such, these were the changes that were made to the textbook series:


Happy Practice 快乐练习 is available at all major bookstores.


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