Perfect Guide O' Level Chemistry Data-based Questions

27 Jan 2017
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Data is the heart of every science investigation. 

In every experiment, copious amounts of information are recorded through observations and inference. While such information are important, it will only be deemed valuable if presented in a manner that is easily interpreted and understood.

It is also the intention of the secondary science syllabus to establish the relevance of science and its relationship to modern-day living. One of the emphasis focuses on the individual and aims to equip the learner with scientific skills such as observing trends and patterns and analysing data from media reports.

This has also resulted in the change of the exam format syllabus, which sees many application and contextual questions being included in the science exams. As such, memorising exam answers will no longer guarantee As

Perfect Guide O' Level Data-based Questions series is designed to help students develop the critical thinking skills required to handle data-based questions. These skills include analysing given data, making inferences and deductions, and drawing conclusion from given data. 

The following features of the books in the series help students achieve the objectives set out in the latest GCE O' Level:

Perfect Guide O' Level Chemistry Data-based Questions is available online and at all major bookstores. 

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