Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition)

10 Feb 2017
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Science is a content-heavy subject. To be well-prepared for the science exam, students often have to start their revision way in advance. Here is one tip that can make studying and revision productive and effective – make notes with concept maps (otherwise also known as mind maps). 

Concept maps are effective note-taking tools that allow learners to quickly capture important information and thoughts about a particular topic. Graphical in nature, concept maps help students see the connections between related information about a topic, which facilitates in-depth learning and understanding. At a glance, it also gives students an overview of a content-heavy subject. What's more, research has shown that the use of concept maps help to improve memory

Using concept maps, Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition) has condensed all the concepts that a student needs to know to ace in the science exam. Thematic revision notes are also available to reinforce and elaborate on the keywords and phrases seen on the concept maps.

Primary Science Concept Maps Revision Guide (2nd Edition) is available at all major book stores. 

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