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19 Dec 2016
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About Science Spy

Science Spy is a partnership between Marshall Cavendish Education and Science Centre Singapore. It is a bi-monthly publication that provides:

  • A wide variety of articles on the latest Science topics
  • Latest buzz on Science and highlights from Science Centre Singapore
  • Experiments, puzzles and contests with exciting prizes to be won
  • Stunning photographs and colourful illustrations that bring Science to life

Science Spy a supplementary reading resource that supports the desired outcome of science education. It seeks to fuel the spirit of curiosity with the end goal that students will enjoy science and value it as in important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world to build up their scientific literacy.

Centred on the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry in three integral domains of (a) knowledge, understanding and application, (b) skills and processes and (c) ethics and attitudes, Science Spy magazine aims to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful.

Here is an overview of the key sections in the magazine:

Cover story
The cover story in each issue features an interesting science discovery and facts that change the way we see the world. The choice of science discovery is in-line with the themes that are covered in school and serve as an extension of conceptual knowledge and understanding as the topics discussed aim to spur thinking. 

Scientific vocabularies used in the cover story article are mapped to topics in the science textbook. These words are intentionally used to help students recall what was being taught in school. To make it explicit, these words are also bold and highlighted in yellow for easy reference.

Highlighted keywords in article 

Hot Stuff
This section in the magazine features fun stories and interesting information about research or news in discussion around the globe.

The article in this section always ends off with ‘Think about it’, a question that is posed to the reader to help create the connection of what’s been read and the real-world.

Brain Booster
Varied exercises in this section provide some practice for the science tests and exams.

Ethics Watch
Science can be fascinating and powerful, so observing ethics in science is very important. This section focuses on “responsibility”. Students are directed to show care and concern for living things, and awareness of the responsibility they have for the quality of the environment through a series of suggested questions.

Adventures with Dr Atom
Presented in a light-hearted and easy-to-read comic strip format, this section chronicles the adventures of Dr Atom and friends as they use everyday science in their quests. The use of comics is a good way of introducing and explaining complex scientific concepts that may obstruct students’ learning of science. Dr Atom and friends are character mascots that students will be familiar with as they are also found in the science textbook series, My Pals are Here! Science.

What’s New at Science Centre Singapore?
Don’t be the last to know! Check out the current or upcoming offerings that include events, exhibitions, educational programmes or competitions at Science Centre, KidsSTOPTM, Snow City of Omni Theatre.


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