Vocabulary MCQs Explained!

09 Feb 2017
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The two most common advices given to children who are looking at improving their language are to:
  • read widely
  • keep a notebook to record the definitions of newly learnt words

The two tips above indeed help students increase their word bank, but the question on effectiveness arises when they are still weak in vocabulary despite having a rich word bank. 

The ultimate goal in learning vocabulary is application – being able to use those newly learnt words in our daily communication whether it is through speech or writing.

According to Stahl (2005), students need to be given opportunities to encounter words repeatedly and in a variety of contexts before they are able to grasp the meaning of the words and use it correctly. 

In Vocabulary MCQs Explained! series, words are introduced to students thematically and contextually. 

There are two sections in this series  – thematic and revision. 

The thematic worksheets expose students to the use of words in context. 

The revision section mirrors the format of school examinations and the PSLE, giving students rigorous practice and preparation.