PSLE Parent Seminar (English)

Date : 10 & 17 June 2017 (9am to 3.30pm)    |     Venue : Times Centre

Fees : Parents : $180

The PSLE is the first major exam children take in their learning journey as students in the Singapore education system. This exam is stressful for both parents and students alike and parents often wonder how they can give their children the best support they can to help them achieve academic success.

In this workshop on PSLE English, we aim to equip you with practical and effective strategies to help your child develop a strong language competence and nurture an ever-present positive learning mindset.

Our subject expert will provide you with a clear understanding of all that the PSLE paper entails and some specific learning strategies that you can use to coach your child at home. Apart from the learning aspect of exam preparation, our speaker will also provide some useful tips and tricks on how to manage and nurture your child’s learning attitude in a positive direction.   

In this 2-part series workshop, parents will learn:

  • What the various components of the PSLE English Paper 0001 entails
    • A breakdown and comprehensive analysis of all 4 exam papers
    • Benchmark for displaying competency in the skills tested

  • About past PSLE questions and what some key trends are in current PSLE questions
    • Different types of comprehension questions and what they are really testing your child on
    • Examples of past PSLE questions and the way they are structured
    • An analysis of question-setting trends for Paper 1 & 2

  • Practical and easy strategies to use in coaching your child in English at home
    • 1-2 Punch Method – Synthesis & Transformation (Paper 2 – S&T)
    • Asking the right questions – Constructive Criticism of the Text and the Author (Paper 2 – Compre. OE)
    • Thinking out of the box – inventive ways to write essays  (Paper 1)

  • How to strengthen your child's oral and comprehension skills
    • The power of presentations
    • Critical conversations – not just your everyday interactions
    • Critical thinking – is common sense so common?

  • Some practical tips and tricks on managing and nurturing your child’s learning behavior
    • The power of balanced feedback (3 praises & 1 area for improvement)
    • Daily habits that affect your brain
    • Negotiating expectations – the power struggle at home


1.Please note that the workshop will be conducted over 2 weekends,  10 & 17 June 2017 

2. Workshop is from 9am to 3.30pm

3. Materials and lunch will be provided

4. English PSLE workshop for child is also available. 

Marshall Cavendish Education reserves the right to amend the programme outline of the workshop. Terms and conditions apply.

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