How Your Child Can Speak His Way to an A in Chinese Oral Exam (P1 - P6)

Date : 21 April 2018, 9am - 12pm    |     Venue : Times Centre

Fees : Parents : $35

Workshop for Parents

How Your child Can Speak His Way to an A in Chinese Oral Exam (P1 - P6)


Starting from PSLE 2017, Picture Description(看图说话) in the Mother Tongue (Chinese) oral exam will be replaced with Video Conversation (看录像说话). This aims to nurture students into proficient language users who can communicate in a confident and meaningful manner in real-life situations in their Mother Tongue languages. 

With the new format, how different would the strategies for answering the oral communication questions be?

Understanding the requirements of the new format is only 10% of the battle won. What's also important (if not more) would be the child's knowledge on the subject matter and fluency in the language

In this workshops, we will discuss:

  • The new oral format
  • Strategies to prepare for the Chinese oral exam using the new format
  • 12 common topics explored in the oral exam and ways to increase one's content knowledge
  • Tips and strategies to communicating effectively in the Chinese language


  • Materials will be provided

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